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Welcome to my links page of Developer and Publishers

Company Name


A Activision Publisher Tony Hawk Series, True Crime
  Atari Publisher Driver 3
  Acclaim - Are No More Developer And Publisher Burnout 1 and 2
B Blue 52 - Are No More Developer Stolen
  Bits Studio Developer Rogue Ops, Constantine
  Bugbear ENT Developer Flatout
C Capcom Developer And Publisher Resident Evil, Onimusha, DMC Series
  Codemasters Developer And Publisher Colin McRae Series
  Criterion Studios Developer Burnout Series, AirBlade
  Crytek Developer Far Cry Instincts
D Darkworks Developer Cold Fear
E Electronic Arts Publisher All games from The 3 E.A plus others.
  E.A Games Developer Medal Of Honor, NFS Underground series
  E.A Sports Developer Fifa Series, Fight Night
  E.A Big Developer NBA Street Series, NFL Street Series
  Eidos Developer And Publisher Commandos 2, shellshock 67
  Empire Publisher Flatout
  Eurocom Developer Batman Begins
F Free Radical Developer Timesplitters Series, Second Sight
G Guerrilla Games Developer Killzone and Shellshock 67
  Gearbox Developer Brothers In Arms
H Hip Games Publisher Stolen
  High Moon Studios Developer Darkwatch
I Io Interactive Developer Hitman Series, freedom fighters
  Interplay Developer And Publisher Baldur's gate
J Juice Games Developer Juiced
K Konami Developer And Publisher MGS Series, PES Series
  Kemco Publisher Rogue Ops
L Lionhead Studios Developer The Movies
  Lucasarts Developer Star Wars games
M Midway Developer And Publisher Conflict Series, Psi-Ops, The Suffering
N Namco Developer And Publisher Tekken Series, Ace Combat Series
  Neversoft Developer Tony Hawk Series
P Pandemic Studios Developer Mercenaries, Destroy all humans, Battlefront.
  Polyphony Digital Developer Gran Turismo Series
  Pivotal Games Developer Conflict Series
  Pyro Studios Developer Commandos 2
Q Quantic Dream Developer Fahrenheit
R Rockstar Developer And Publisher Manhunt, GTA Series, red dead revolver
  Remedy Developer Max Payne Series
  Reflections Developer Driver 3
S Sony Developer And Publisher GT Series, Socom Series
  Square Enix/Squaresoft Developer And Publisher Final Fantasy Series
  Sci Games Publisher Conflict Series
  Studio 33 Developer Destruction Derby Arenas
  Spark Unlimited Developer Call Of Duty
  Shiny Entertainment Developer Matix: Path of Neo
  Snowblind Developer Baldur's Gate, Champions of Norrath
  Sega Developer And Publisher Altered Beast, Sonic Series
T THQ Developer And Publisher Smackdown Series, Punisher, Juiced
  Team Soho Developer Getaway Series
U Ubi Soft Developer And Publisher Tom Clancy games,
V Volition Developer Red Faction Series, Punisher
Z Zipper Developer Socom Series


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