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Ones the Playstation 3 is out, here at Ps2review.co.uk will be be reviewing the games.

For the time being please read my preview to find out what we can expect from the console.

== Introduction ==
As always Sonyís consoles and some of the games mainly the Gran Turismo series seem to always get delayed near its release day. So itís no surprise that the next generation console the Playstation 3 has been delayed. So 2 questions you maybe asking yourself why has its been delayed and should I still wait to buy it or get a Microsoft Xbox 360, or even a Nintendo Wii?

Before I give you my answers for those questions I firstly will tell you more about the ps3 itself.

== Sony/Playstation ==
Playstation 3 is the 3rd games console made by Sony; common sense tells you that from the name. There first step onto the games market was the PS1 which was released in 1994/95 around the world and became extremely popular and was the best selling console with over 100 million sold, until the release of the 2nd console PS2 released in 2000 and have sold over 110 million units.

As you can see Sony and its consoles have been loved by gamers, with leading the last two generations of gaming, the seventh generation is now upon us with Microsoft and Nintendo already unleashed there consoles with only the PS3 being released in Japan and America at the moment.

Along with the Xbox 360 the PS3 has a massive 3.2 GHz coming from its processing unit which is at the top specs of the PCs some of you may have with the Nintendo Wii only having a quarter of that.

== SIXAXIS Bluetooth Controller ==
The controller is wireless along with the other two console controllers. It keeps the design of the pad of both the previous Playstation and its 2 analogue sticks. The great design makes it looks cool and more important itís easy to use with out having any buttons in awkward places with its grip and comfortable to use will let you play for hours (if you wanted to)with out having much if any hands or fingers aching. The rumble feature the pad had, I found good as it gave me that more real fell when a gun fired or the car crashed. But this had to be removed from the PS3 pad as it conflicted with the new feature called SIXAXIS which lets you control say a plane or a car by tilting the pad in different angles with out having to use buttons. I donít think many games at the moment fully use it in there games if at all but we should see some cool ways in how to use it. I believe that the team behind Metal Gear Solid 4 are doing some thing special with it.

== Hardrive ==
The PS3 comes with a 60gb hardrive where as the xbox360 only has a 20gb, you be going to need this to save demos, music, photos and other download stuff to make sure you have loads of space for it instead of using memory card which some of you that had the PS2 had to buy extra cards, although I could cope quite easy with 1. The Hardrive is easily detachable if you wanted to take saved data of any kind over to a mateís house which will be also lighter and smaller than PCs hardrives.

== Data Media ==
The PS3 data media has been upgraded from the PS2ís DvD-rom to a Blu-ray which is the newest technology in storing data. A Blu-ray disc can hold 25gb (5x bigger than the PS2) on a single disc plus thereís dual layer and also double sided ones that takes up to 100gb. Which is a massive amount, as you could fit 5 PS2 games onto 1 blu-ray disc. Comparing it to the Xbox 360 which uses HD DvD discs which starts with a single layer of 15gb ranging up to 60gb.

What this means is the developers can put as much as possible into there games with out going over the limit of data the discs can hold, which resulted in getting rid of some data or lowering the quality of the sound, graphics AI and so on. As they have mass amount of data to work with this means that we will get much more details in the graphics, more realistic sounds, voices, improved AI, more game modes with lot more levels and so on.

Blue-ray disc has also better quality in high definition then the normal HD disc which is why they have now released Blu-ray players as of June 2006 and Dvds come in Blu-ray format.

== RSX ďReality SynthesizerĒ ==
The RSX is a graphics processing chip design especially for the PS3 by NVIDIA and Sony. It can display up to 1080p, (Xbox 360 is 720p or 1080i) which means it has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 which makes up of over 2 million dots of pixels, thatís one hell of a lot of detail. The p in1080p is progressive scan which updates every other pixel and then does the others, where as 1080i is interlaced will update every other line before going back to do the rest but this can cause flicker and various kinds of distortion. Progressive Scan will give you a much smoother look to the images. To make the most of the quaity of picture you will need to buy a HD TV (High Definition) that will have Interlaced and/or Progressive Scan for either of the HD consoles.

== Cell Processor ==
As I said before itís a 3.2GHz and is along the same speed as the best Pcís but unless Pcís that have 1 chip, sometimes a dual processor but here the PS3 is very unique. It has eight, yes thatís right eight processing chips that runs simultaneous to make up its core cell processor of the PS3 brains.

Where as playing a game a PC has to it single chip work every element of the gameplay, but by doing this section things may not play right with say the weather effects in the game taking a lot of power away from the character details or the opponents AI. Not so with the PS3 as it will assign tasks to each of the 7 chips, where as the eighth will be a back up to the others. So say be giving the job to a chip of the AI, 2nd one to make the shadow and lighting as real as possible, 3rd one for the audio and another to keep the online network going and so on. The cell makes it much easier to run the game and give you the best this generation can offer by working as a team with all its chips operating efficiently.

== Online Capabilities ==
The PS2 online was ok but nothing special, it let you play games online and some games also supports online chat rooms, forums and a use of a headset. Microsoft has been very good with its online features with chat rooms, friends lists, downloads and much more. This time around thought the PS3 has greatly improved to about the same standards, there are no subscription fee unlike the Xbox. However developers are allowed to charge which more likely to be MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) like EverQuest, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy.

The PS3 will also let you use an internet messenger type of service, chat rooms, Sony webcam. Downloadable content will be available in forms of demos, maps, levels, cars, modes and so on which will add to replay of games. Some of this you may have to pay for along with you can download fully PS1/PS2 games that are available at very cheap prices.

== Other Features ==
-Up to 7 simultaneous wireless controllers are supported along with the PSP used as additional pad or even as a rear mirror in the up coming F-1 game.
-Backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games.
-Memory Card Adaptor, which lets you transfer data from your PS2 cards, although you can save PS2 game data straight to the PS3 hardrive.
-Internet browser with a Sony shop to buy or get free demos and trailer plus much more.

== So why has the PS3 been delayed? ==
Well put simple the parts that make up the blu-ray rom have been difficult to get holed of and have slowed down the process of manufacturing enough consoles for release and have ending up sending all the available units to Japan and the US at only 100,000 and 400,000 units being shipped.

Released on the 11th of November 2006 over in both country but being delayed until a few months later here in the U.K, with the official date just announced for the 23rd of march 2007 with not long to go now with a price tag of £425 for the 60gb version.

== Should you still wait to buy it or not? ==
I think I really depends on one question, which is: are you a young gamer?
If you are a very younger game I would say go with the Wii as the Nintendo is made more for them and will have more fun out of it with most of its games aimed at children.

But for those that are more older and a more of a big gamer then I say go with the ps3, although itís cost more than the Xbox 360 you getting more for you money.
+The blu-ray rom cost £1000 alone if you were to buy a stand alone blu-ray dvd player.
+Hardrive is 3 times as big as the 360 (which Iíve heard gamers have also most filed them up)
+A much conformable easy to use pad
+More power with its 8 chip cell processor
+Sony has always been the leader with a load of great companyís backing it with amazing exclusive games.

I really think its best to wait for the ps3 as it has loads to offer, along with some stunning exclusive games-

---Exclusive Launch Games---
-Motor Storm (stunning visuals with realistic mud spatter)
-Resistance: Fall of Man (FPS with amazing AI)

---Other Exclusive titles to be released---
-Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots (Amazing series with twists and turns in the storyline)
-Stranglehold (A John Woo game sequel of the classic film ďHard BoiledĒ staring Chow Yun-Fat)
-Gran Turismo (The most realistic racing game packed with tons of cars)
-Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom's half man, half devil and half bad, half good character returns)
-Warhawk (Plane flying game that fully using the new tilt feature)
-Lair (Action, adventure game that also using the tilt feature but to control dragons)

---As well as some previous exclusive Xbox 360 games coming to the PS3---
-Saintís Row 2 (One of the Xboxís greatest games decides to jump on board of the PS3)
-Full Auto 2: Battlelines (Great car combat game sequel Now only PS3 exclusive title)
-The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion (Massive open world game with add extra content)
-F.E.A.R. (One of the PCís top FPS also to come to PS3)

Thanks for reading, If you would like to pre-order click the links below for some great bundles.

Written on 05/02/07

Relase Due out on the 23rd of March 2007

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