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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Memory Usage
First Person Shooter
Electronic Arts
194KB Minimum
November 2004

The Battlefield Is Alive With The Sounds Of Combat!!!

Review Date: 09/03/06

The game was really made for online but they have added a offline mode for the ps2 users where you play through 20 action packed levels on foot, jeeps, tanks and more.

Compared to the pc version of battlefield 2 game, the ps2 is know where as stunning in graphics, but still good with some nice detail to the levels. Its not like you would complain about it. The vehicles has the most detail to them making them look real along with the explosions the rock the screen with the smoke filling up the air. The draw distance can be a shame at times with a few levels letting you see very far but does not show people or vehicles at times. The one thing that really stands out in my mind with the graphics on on the oilrig level with the water, not much motion to it but has stunning reflections from the lighting of the sun like though's seen in the splinter cell games.

Overall its great, the music is nothing special but fits in with the fighting, the voices are clear to hear, telling you any info, if need help, orders and where 2 go. The is what makes many war games feel real, from loud explosions of mines and rockets blowing up tanks and jeeps. Engines sounds tank tracks can be
heard getting louder when come closer, which is a sign to hide and be ready with a rocker launcher. When the air strike thunders down, it sounds like the gods have something to say. What's makes it also cool is the bullets hitting metal containers and other metal items around you, giving you the instance feeling of "that was a close one". The other great thing is the echo sounds that you don't hear in many games, when ever the game alerts you of a mortar, air strike, re-loading you gun any sounds at all have a great echo sound when you are standing in a metal cargo container.

The reason i said overall not everything is great is because there are some poor sound quality at times when playing online. This when playing on American servers you get a ringing or buzzing sound, this can last as long as a few seconds to a few hours so try and stay on the europe severs unless your in America then it be the other way around.

The controls are very simply and easy to use, You hold the R2 button and use the right analog stick the change weapon. You can jump and crouch/prone with L1 and L2. Parachute can be opened when falling with triangle button. Online mode online you can also toggle fullscreen map and zoom in/out using the d-pad. The vehicles are also easy to control with the analog uses for accelerate and brake or you can use the op buttons too. The helicopters can be a bit more difficult as you also control the pitch and rotation but you will improve with practice and all vehicles can change camera with R2.

As battlefield was made for online, the single player mode is not great but gives you some skills and adds a bit more reply value to it. You play as both sides through the game in the 20 levels. Hotswaping is a new way to be in a team, this lets you change solders by pressing square when pointing your aim curser at one of your other team players, and it lets you take control of this person, using a cool flying effect from person to person with out even losing a second in game time as if time has frozen. This not only lets you control different types of soldiers with a click of a button but also get from one end of the map to the other very quickly with a few hotswaps, plus when that soldier dies its not game over as it automatically swaps to another person and you will only get game over if you lose all team members or fail a mission. When each mission is complete you will get stars based on your score of time completed, soldiers lost, being a team player and you final score. From theses stars you earn along with medal will give you a higher rank and then unlocks new weapons and upgrades like, bigger clips, more, ammo, longer zoom and much more.

No matter what you unlock, you can't use them online but you will have all the weapons available to you. This making every one fair by using the standard weapons. Online as well as off uses 5 different troop Kits, all with there own advantages and disadvantages. The 5 kits are;

Assault: A all round soldier that comes with a assault rifle which is quite accurate and powerful, comes attached with a grenade launcher, frag and smoke grenades and a pistol.

Sniper: Great from afar as the sniper rifle has multiple zoom ranges, but he is very poor close up. Although only can be used ones but still a great weapon is the laser designator which use must lock onto a tank, heli or any other vehicle which will destroy it in one hit of it missile strike. The sniper also comes with a pistol, smokes and a GPS forward observer which shows up all enemies on the map for a short period of time and lets all team members online see as well.

Special Ops: This troop is stealth trained so comes with a silenced pistol and submachine gun but is not as powerful as the assault and uses the clip up quick but has excellent aim plus reloads fast. He also comes with stun grenades, a knife and C4 explosives which will blow up a jeeps but will take a few with tanks.

Engineer: This troop can fix vehicles with his blowtorch, also carries a pistol, shotgun, rocket launcher but may take a few shots for a tanks and anti-vehicle mines. Mines placed by you or teammate will show up on the map and also marked with a warning sign when close but enemy mines are not marked.

Support: This soldiers carries a machine gun that has a very big clip but has no zoom and takes long time to reload. Also well as a pistol, frag grenades he carries a medical injector that can heal you or other members. The other weapon is a mortar strike which you must not more off the target or you lose the lock for you to call in the coordinates which is best used on troops or light vehicles.

Another weapon available on some levels is the artillery strike, ones its ready it will say and also shows on the map as a bomb icon, press x button on the command computer to log in and you can then choose where to bomb with the help of the scanner.

There are 13 online maps, some of which have water, boats, snow, helicopters and tanks, all which are big, fun and will find some favorites. There's 2 modes capture the flag and conquest which is were there up to 7 flags, that you must take over and control. Each times starts with about 300 tickets which are like lives, the more flags you have control of the more tickets the enemies team loses, and can go down by taking flags or killing them. The team that loses all there tickets or have the lowest when the time ends(20mins each game) is the loser.

As you play online you can earn medals and ribbons like 5 kills without dying, 10 kills with tanks, 4 sniper kills with 1 clip and so on along with your score will raise your rank. There's also a very good stats screen that shows you all your kills with what kits, what vehicles destroyed, total time and so on. You can add friend that will show when there online, check there stats out and even send a messages with its pop up keyboard, clans can be made online as well as the match's.

The offline mode offers more reply-valve then the pc version, there's 78 offline medals to get, that unlocks over 15 challenges, weapon upgraded and any level can be replayed when the single offline mode is completed. This can take a week or 2 but the real replay value is online where it will last forever until a better game comes along.

This is a must buy game if you are online with your ps2 but if your only offline, there's not much here for single mode.


Graphics, Good details, but not the best thing about it the make it the best online FPS.

Sound/Music, Great sound that makes it feel like war.
Controls, Very simple and easy to use, even the vehicles too.
Gameplay, Ok offline, but the beats every FPS game online.
Replay Value, Lots to unlock offline and the online fun never stops though the day.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 09/03/06

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