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Call Of Duty: Finest Hour

Memory Usage
First Person Shooter
Spark Unlimited
KB Minimum
December 2004

Hope You Don't Get Called In For Duty.

Review Date: 31/01/05

Call of duty is set in the world war 2. Every few levels you take control of different characters from british, russian, american and a few others which shows that a war is not won by a great hero on is own but as squad, team, the allied force as whole. With the developer doing this you get to see different levels each time from around the global.

Graphics are pretty good, but some areas or tanks can be a bit gritty and undetailed at times. Although the people look fine but other FPS have done a lot better with facial features. You do come across some nice detail environments.

The sound on some of the levels, mainly the first few level there's just to much sound they tried to put in which makes it blurred and it gives a unreal atmosphere unlike to first levels from the Medal of Honor games with the d-day and pearl harbor scenes. Music which real adds to a battle, scene, atmosphere which don't seem to be there. The only good think of this area is the voice acting from some good actors.

The controls as mainly like any other FPS with left and right to change grenades and guns, throwing of grenades are performed with a different button then the fire button. The zoom on the sniper can't be zoomed in or out. When you take control of the tank, you will have to than get used to that. The controls are not great for the tank, you will be driving in the wrong direction and hit things. The first (inside) View is easy for shooting but without being able to see making it easy to crash, so you try the 2nd view (view from behind the tank) aim now is with a crosshair, which when shooting does not go to where it it.

The gameplay you would think be good with different people in different locations and use of a tank but its frustrating at best with the character walks/runs likes he has iron boots. With no fast run makes it very hard to leg it if there's a tank or a lot of incoming fire as it rips you up with the very slow speed. enemies seem to be almost bulletproof where as a whole clip of a machine gun will kill them or a few head shots with a sniper or a dozen in the chest may kill them. The tank missions can be dull as with each tank you see you both fire until your the only one left then if you taken some damage you just wait for your tank health regenerations. If it showed when you cannon was reloaded and it the tank could move a bit faster then there could be a bit of a strategy to severing then. What is good about the gameplay is that you can hold medic packs and with the press on the up button you can use one and you can use one on a team member but it easy to let them die as they always get in the way. You have the ability to lean around corners to look and shoot but will not let you through a grenade like this. The other thing is there's not many levels where you get to use a sniper gun or you can't not drive any jeeps although you do get to sit and use the gun when the caption drives in one level.

Well after reading about the gameplay you would think there's not much replay, well there's not. No co-op game or any multiplayer maps/games only for those with online capable. There's a few making of the games which you get by progress and cheats when you complete the game on different difficulty's.

For up to 16 players can play online. Game modes are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and Serach & Destory. Playing online is fun but slow movment is still anoying. There are some very good levels to play on, some which is great for snipers.

To finish of its not a very good game and they would of been better if they made a better FPS and a different game with just tanks. Dont buy this for single play unless you are Online then you should buy this cheap, although there is now COD: Big Red One now out.


Graphics, Good graphics, some nice big environments. Needs a bit more work on the facial features.

Sound/Music, Good Voice Acting, too much sound at a time which sounds like mixed up mess at time.
Controls, Tank controls a bit awkward, basic ok control for the people.
Gameplay, The walking/running is very slow. Tanks levels could of been better. Bulletproof enemies.
Replay Value, No offline multiplayer game, only one player main game. Some Unlockables.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 31/01/05

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