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Canis canem edit (A.K.A Bully)

Memory Usage
Free Roaming Action Adventure
278KB Minimum
October 2006

I aren’t scared of no bullies!

Review Date: 17/03/07

Rockstar is one of the most talked about game companies with the press and some of its adult games they have released, such as Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt. Here is another game originally called Bully until they changed the tile of it because critics did not think it was suitable name and image to be selling the game as that, where as its not changed to “Canis Canem Edit” which is Latin for “dog eat dog”.

The story follows a 15 year old boy called Jimmy Hopkins, which has just been dumped at the gates of Bullworth Academy by your mother which is going on a year long honeymoon cruise with her newest 7th husband. After being picked on as you’re the new student, you get to the boy’s dorm where you meet two of the main many games characters, Gary and Pete. Pete is a shy, has not real friends, where as Gary said he plans to run the school as acted as a sort of a guide at the beginning of the game, telling you about the different types of students/groups.

Through out the game you given some simple tasks by students, building respect and taken on the bullies yourself being as you’re a tough kid, with more and more people looking up to you, you seem to be happy and in control but there is something going on that your not fully aware of and by only playing and completing the game you will find out.

There are over 80 characters (did a quick count) in the game as well as other civilians that walk the streets that every single one is well designed and detailed, which makes the game and it’s characters feel real with each being unique in how they look but also their personality. Rockstar has done a great job with the animation and how the AI works. If you’re walking around the school area, you will notice that characters will walk to class, talk to each other and even pick on the younger kids.

The school is well built and has different area to it, each one you can explore that includes the boys/girls dorm, gym, dinner hall, rugby pitch and so on although its not as big a world as Rockstar's other game Grand Theft Auto which many of your will compare to it, being as it is a similar game but in a smaller dose and aimed at a little younger gamers. Once some of the missions are completed, you can explore the Bullworth’s town and others as you unlock them.

Overall the graphics is very good but you do get fogging in the distance like get with a lot of this type of games. Fogging is what developers use when a game has to display a lot of detail with all the buildings/landscapes and objects in the distance the computer needs a lot of memory to display this and have the game running smoothly, as most consoles does not have loads of memory they create fog to block of the detail in the distance other wise the game would run very rough. The fogging is not a big problem but when on a room of building you can’t see very far and does not give you a great view as seen in other games.

Voice acting is excellent with each individual being clear with different accent and well written scripted humorous storytelling right through out the game. The sound is also spot on as well as the music that fits in with the missions and are also played in areas of the game.

Controls I found pretty simple to use, with weapons and items can been scrolled through while running or even on a bike. Slingshot and other items can easily used as the lock-on is quick and accurate to aim at people. Where as there is a manual aim also that’s best for long shots or hitting objects.

The fighting controls has been done in a simpler version of another Rockstar’s game called “The Warriors” which is excellent and lets you do lots of varied attacks. As well as the simple block you can do different combos that you must unlock first. These are very easy to do with just one button uses by pressing it a number of times or holding it down. You can also grab someone with opens up a few other attacks.

There is a form of special finishers done in a way of taunts, when your opponents is low in health you can perform your move which is chosen randomly but are quite funny. These are moves like doing a Chinese burn, giving a dead arm and spitting on your hand and rubbing it in there face. (Ah that brings back memories)

There is an in game clock that runs along with the gameplay. The clock is displayed in the top left hand corner and depending on the time there are different missions available.
The day starts at 8:00, where you have some time to explore and interact with people/objects, there are 2 classes a day one at 9:30 and then at 1:30. You can attend this classes which you take part in as a mini game (more on that later). If you play Truancy, Prefects and Cops will chase you and if captured you be automatically sent to class. After 11pm there is a curfew, were as if court you get sent to your dorm. After this time most of the main/side missions and shops are closes. After 8pm you can choose to go to sleep by clicking on your, which will rise up and early at 8am but if you decide to stay up by the time the clock hits 2am you will fall unconscious into a sleep and wake up at the same spot with your items stolen.

Although you do follow a storyline you do get to choose which missions to do as there is usually about 3 available that will open up more once done. Also missions will earn to some cash, as well as doing side missions to earn that extra. Some side missions are a paper round, lawn mowing and other which characters will come to you and ask you a favor. All of these are very simply but still good to try out and as there are loads about , you shouldn't get bored straight away. With the money that you earn, it can be spent a number of things like buying new bikes, weapons in the form of stink bombs, eggs, marbles and some others that you unlock in the game. Being as you control a teenager you don’t get the traditional weapons like pistols, machine guns and so on, so it a good change to see some interesting items and unique gadget guns. As well as the above you can also customize your character by buying haircuts, clothes and even illegal tattoos as he’s only 15 remember. There are a great large number of items of clothes to buy from a few shops, where u can buy head, top, legs, feet and also items for your wrist. If you’re a person like be you be spending a lot of money here if you like to have fresh look every now and again, with many styles you can have jimmy to look like for e.g.: army, school, punk or mix them up and have your own style.

The missions it self are not a difficult challenge with only a few you may have to re-try. Seeing as they are varied and fully with humor it does not get boring. There are a number of 6 different classes you can go to which I said before are played with a mini game. Successful completed a class the difficult rises for the next time but I find only 2 of the classes quite hard. The Chemistry class you must press buttons in order as they come across the centre of the screen, the Shop class (to do with bikes) is similar but harder. Photography is pretty easy for the lesson you let out of the class room to take pictures of different scenes or building. Where as the English class you must make as many words as possible with 6 jumbled up letters (simple to understand but the hardest to complete)

Where as the classes may get a little repetitive you get gain rewards if successfully done with gym giving you new fighting moves to perform, chemistry gives you the skill to make stint bombs, itching powder and so instead of having to buy them. Where as the others likes you unlock items to do with photos, a bonus when you kiss girls, new bikes and better skill to apologies to bullies and adults to leave you alone.

There is a lot of neat tricks and programming Rockstar has done which makes the game a very fun place to messing about in. Where as the cut-scenes are used with the games-engine so any clothes you are wearing will be shown in the scenes so no thing will load out of place. Some of the cool actions you can do are gives people wedgies, push them in lockers or trash cans and give swirls. There are loads more in the form of using any sink to fill up a balloon to make a water balloon, kicking footballs, sliding down rails, dropping skins of a banana after eating it for people to slip on.

One thing I forgot to mention is that in the game the season changes twice one to Halloween and one to Christmas. When this happens all the characters change there clothes to suit the season as well as the snow falls and the whole school is decoration to go with it. So as you can see Rockstar has put a lot of thought and effort into the game, even the skate board slides about in the icy winter. (How’s that for realism)

Ok this is one of those games the storyline is very short, probably taking you 3 or 4 days if you only did the many missions. But doing that you will only experience about half of the fun and exciting times the game has to offer.

So by exploring and taking time out you can enjoy many of the side missions, as well as doing bikes races. Searching the school and the town you will find, these types of hidden packages as seen in GTA. Here you have rubber bands to find, garden gnomes to smash and also many more that if all found will unlock some cool interesting outfits.

There is also a carnival that you visit about 3 times in the main missions but you can enter when ever you like, which has a rollercoaster, big wheel, freak show, shooting range, go-kart racing and more. Some of them are only really worth checking out once but others are great fun that will also earn to tickets that you can exchange for items, the best being the scooter. Completing the 5 tracks of go-karting will unlock races on the streets which them unlocks the go-kart permanently to travel around in at fast speeds.

With everything the game has to offer, there's fun to have with arcade machines that are in the ticket exchange tent and also in you save point handouts around the towns, which some are quite odd but fun all the same.

Although it can be completed in 3 or 4 days it token me 2 weeks to complete the last main mission as with all the replay value through out the game that I enjoyed. The total completion I got is 92% and after the rolling credits end you start chapter 6 called endless summer which is where you can continues your game and finish any missions/goals that you missed.

This is one of those games that is a must to experience, not one for graphics or lastability but certainly has something special to afford and should be remembered as a great game. With many shops/sites selling it for amazing price there is no reason not to buy with £15 or less it’s a great well spent game.


Graphics, very good animated and good graphics that fits in with the game.

Sound/Music, excellent sound, music and voices is spot on.
Controls, very good controls, with a simpler fighting system of The Warriors game.
Gameplay, great gameplay, great humor, fun, fun and more fun.
Replay Value, , very short storyline but has a lot of extras.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 17/03/07

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