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Destruction Derby Arenas

Memory Usage
Action Racing
Studio 33
125KB Minimum
January 2004

Enter The Derby If You Dare!

Review Date: 10/02/05

Destruction derby has changed from the ones we know on the ps1, now your race in fast, powerful mussel cars with nitro's. The tracks are now more destructive with ramps, pits, swing axes and hammer plus lots more. With each car there's a different drive with a different story too but you will have to read the info of the drive and ones completed it too to find this out.

The graphics are pretty good and colorful. shows damage good and there's some nice Environments on varies levels.

The music is a bit poor as its just a few tunes but would of been much better with some songs, the car noises are good and there's commentating with talks about the action plus will say some special lines for each character.

The controls are ok but not the basic racing game setup so there maybe some fuss with that. The handling of the cars are pretty poor, as first the handling is ok but when the cars start to get a upgrade they spin very easily and over sensitive.

New to the gameplay is also the powers-ups, which a few are few nitro, rockets(which is a automatic quick boost), shields, repair, extra points and a few others. There's a TnT trigger that only a human player can get which activate a build, bridge or some thing explodes which adds some nice points. This is a racing game but that don't mean you have 2 race as the finish rank depends on you score, of course a high place will gain you more points but the one does the most damage wins though he may finish last. The best way to play the game is just drive around the other way and cause as much damage with head2head crash but watch your health with the weaker cars and get the repairs. The bowls are the most exciting with one level on a b-movie monster set on a high platform that the edges break up.

Replay value depends on if you get bored quick or you have online play or not. There are 4 cars to start with and 16 other to unlock, by beat the champ on each level by beating there score. Plus 5 bonus vehicles that are a cobra, taxi, cop car, hotrod and a pickup. There's secret 1 track and 1 bowl to unlock plus the normal ones which you get as you progress though a career The upgrades that you get, gets put on automatically and there's no change parts or mod-in it yourself. But you will have to complete the game with each car for them to be upgraded, which can be done in 2 or 3 days for each car. 2 players adds to the fun. But this game is probably for some one with online as there's more modes to have fun in as offline there is only race and bowls.

A fun game for a short time, no one online anymore.


Graphics, Nice damage, colorful cars and levels.


Sound/Music, Tunes are ok but has no songs, good commentating and sound.
Controls, Controls are ok, but handling of cars are basic and too sensitive with faster cars.
Gameplay, Cool destructive tracks and bowls, power-ups, but upgrades gets put on automatically.
Replay Value, 25 Vehicles, lots of tracks, no customizable cars and has online play.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 10/02/05

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