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Splinter cell: double agent

Memory Usage
Stealth Action adventure
683KB Minimum
Ocotober 2006

Whose's Side Are You On Sam?

Review Date: /07

The first Splinter Cell game started as an exclusive for the Xbox but after only 4 months later in March 2003 it was released on the PS2 and others consoles followed. From then on UBISOFT continued with the series selling on multiply formats where they have won many various awards. This Double Agent game Iím reviewing today is the 5th game to appear on consoles which comes into to different versions for the current and next generation consoles.

Taking the role of Sam Fisher again working for the NSA (National Security Agency) set shortly after the previous game ďChaos TheoryĒ where you first mission is in Iceland. You are pulled out of the mission later on with some bad news, where it seems that you have quit the job because of it.

The next mission starts with you in prison where you are under cover trying to make friends with a member of a terror organization where you must both escape together for you to be invited into the group.

The overall storyline is that youíre a double agent helping out the good and bad guys, which through out the game you have to make very difficult decisions like killing an innocent person to be trusted or do you save him and possible get court out that youíre an undercover agent.

As usually each Splinter Cell game looks stunning, the previous title toke the console and pushed it to the max, so as you expect this newest game will not look way better as Chaos Theory was already one of the best looking games on the PS2.

Everything is superbly detailed from the characters and background of the levels. The water looks as real as a computer generated water can possible look with its movement and the reflexsions it gives off from lighting hitting it.

As with the shadow and lighting is beautiful as all the Splinter Cells have looked since day one. The only thing I need to point out is the shadow of the character you control. I donít know if the developers missed this or thereís a bug, flaw or something as the playerís character does not have a shadow what so ever, where as all previous games have had this.

The enemies and other characters where as they have a real-time shadow that moves as they do. You may not notice this until I have pointed it out (this is probably not so on the 360 and PS3 thought, for those that are planning on buying for that console).

Another part of the game that is done perfect with the sound effects picking up every different type of surface you walk on down to the reloading and changing of guns/attachments. The music is composed very well, either it being in the game or cinematic it fits in perfect and gives you that extra emotion to go along with any of the changing situations of the gameplay.

The voice acting is extremely well done with your character Sam Fisher voiced by Canadian actor called Michael Ironside who has stared in many films from 1981 that some include Top Gun, Total Recall, Starship Troopers and The Machinist being the most known ones. Usually plays as a tough villain, were as he has played as a secret agent in all of the series of splinter cell games.

The rest of the game characters are also voiced very well and even the non scripted main parts of the storyline is well done with patrolling guards talk to each other and when searching a near by suspicious noise.

From what I recall the controls is the same as previous as UBISOFT have already done a pretty good job with the layout and how it plays with t he pad. The movement is all done with the analogue with different amounts of pressure will either make Sam sneak or move as different speeds. Where as the other analogue lets you control the camera by tilting it in different directions for those times where you need to check for enemies all around before moving. Grabbing onto fences, pipes, ladders and so on are automatically ones walked into and all of his cool moves are performed easily.

The only complaint here is that 2 of the previous moves are not to be seen here, is the move when you can quick switch of a gap at corners, so quickly the enemies donít notice you. That could of been useful at times but the more important one that is missing that was even in the very first game, is the move where you can aim around a corner with a pistil when your back is up against it, which is not only quicker but your less visible and hard to be hit.

Itís probably sounding like thereís not much different compared to the last game. Some of you may off heard the big gameplay change is being a double agent where you also play as a baddy and have to make difficult decisions (like I mentioned before) and also you get to play as a team on some of the missions with co-op moves. Well although that is true it does not really made a big difference in the gameplay.

Yes you do get to decide if you want to kill a innocent person or let them escape, malfunction a bomb so it donít blow up or do you leave it and possible kill 100s of people. In almost every mission you are given orders by the NSA and the JBA (terrorist) that conflicts with each other, some have small and some have big consequences but you need to decide on which to help. Although it sounds a great idea for fun and interesting gameplay it donít seem to feel any different from the previous games and that even if you replay any missions with more responsibility to the other side thereís seem to be small noticeable change if at all the gameplay or storyline and you end up with a basically same ending what ever path you take.

Where as the team-play has done before in 2 player mode with co-op moves, its not been done in single player where the computer teams up with you. Well itís nice to see it as its adds a bit more varied to the game but very rarely you have a team mate to work with. Although they can shoot and defend them selfís when needed too the really use of them is to add some new moves to the gameplay, helping the other person to climb up a wall and open the door from other side or do special high jumps and some others and although its well animated it donít add much to the gameplay and is only seen team-up in 3 missions.

Altough the new improved game features if you want to call them that is not up to much but like all the previous games its has got that top quality gameplay its does no thing new to really get exited about.

More on the gameplay for those not played a splinter cell game before:
All splinter cell games are a fully stealth game at heart, of course you can go in guns blazing but your more than likely be killed every time.

What is stealth? Well stealth is all about hiding and not being spotted. If you decide to kill someone your best bet is a silent kill, close combat action or uses of a silenced gun.

To help you stay silent you most move slowing and stay in the shadows, you get a stealth bar that shows how much youíre hidden, and to help you can turn off lights and even shoot them out. Of course if its pitch black and they canít see then nor can you. But being a special agent you get to use your gadget goggles, this has 3 different settings. Night vision lets you see every thing clear when itís dark but can be blinding in the light, you also have a heat vision that helps to show the body heat of enemies and other hot objects. The last vision lets you see electronic objects easily like cameras.

The use of the goggles and other cool gadgets that attaches to your rifle, they are great fun to use and are quite unique to splinter cell and makes it a deferent type of play to other stealth games.

For those gamers that have played quite a bit of previous splinter cell games will be able to get into the game straight away and understand how its played, meaning you probably complete it in a week or just over. For gamers that never played a splinter cell game just needs a bit of practice and with the help of hints and tips form the game you should still find it fun and completion should take about 2 or 3 weeks.

The replay value of the main game is not that great even though you can play the game more on one side if does not make much of a difference in gameplay. There are a few extra missions you can unlock which are ok but donít that long to do.

The only sections that adds any real replay value is the co-op mode and online. The online mode has a few type of modes and some well designed levels but with not that many players online and only 4 players max in a game, I got only about any extra week of play out of it, although big splinter cell fans may find them spending a lot of time here.

The other section I enjoyed with is also featured in the last game is the co-op, only played about half of this with a mate as we had not had the time to finish it, but the missions are all new and does not follow the main game, its very fun working together and you also get to do special team-work moves not seen in single player.

If you have an xbox360 or a PS3 then I say get the game on that console as there are not only has better graphics but also have more missions that is set in the daylight.
Where as if you own a ps2 then I would advice you to find it cheap as itís not much new to it than the previous game. Seeing as there are next generation versions out now/soon, it seems that the price has already dropped in places and at £15 itís a great price.


Graphics, Stunning as all splinter cell games have been.

Sound/Music, excellent sound and music, along with top voice acting.
Controls, controls are pretty much the same which are very good.
Gameplay, great gameplay but not much new added over previous game.
Replay Value, co-op and online but will not last you no more than a month.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 07/04/07

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