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Evil Dead Regeneration

Memory Usage
Action/3rd Person
Cranky Pants Games
121KB Minimum
September 2005

Evil Regenerates The Dead!!!

Review Date: 03/05/06
Evil Dead Regeneration is the 3rd game in the series and the 2nd to appear on the PS2. Playing as the usually hero Ash, after a short training level in the cabin the game then starts off in Sunny Meadows which is an insane asylum, locked up as he's cut of his own arm and have replace it with a chainsaw as you would know from the movies. Not long after your solicitor has gone, evil has been released by a doctor in the basement, who is trying to take the power and create a new hell with the "Book of The Dead" and destroying mankind, so leaving you to save the world.

The graphics are rather basic and also have a bit of a cartoon look. Though the graphics are not stunning, your character Ash does look like the actor Bruce Campbell from the films. For the levels them self look okay and the best effect that comes to mind that I can think of is the water, you find some areas a bit flooded or puddles of water and also the sewers that you walk though does look right and has a nice reflection and movement to it.

The music I can recall myself, ether because there weren't much or was not very good, apart from when you control Sam (Your Sidekick) there's a good rock type beat music plays which is quite cool but fades out somewhat quickly.

The sounds of the shotgun, pistol and chainsaw also sounds okay and the enemies are no thing special, that don't scare you at all as you would think it be more of a horror compared to the Evil Dead movies.

The reason the game scores any points in this section is because of the 2 main actors Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi, right through out the game they say funny, witty and wacky comments they say about each other, enemy's and other thing you encounter which can be ridiculous but still entertaining. Not so much as side-splitting but amusing to listen to which doesn't make the as boring with out it.

The basic control is show to you in a short training level in the cabin and is pretty easy to use, which should cause any problems. You have 2 weapons like a chainsaw on one and shotgun on other, mean square is to fire and O is for the saw. The weapon change is done by using the L2 and R2 for separate hands. There's also triangle for finishing moves and use switches.

Starting off in the insane asylum with out your weapons, so you must find them to get back in to action and kill all evil, with only a pistol at first that you find of a dead guard, walking though corridors in a building that blocks you off at every door was very boring, thinking to myself of turning the game off after 20mins and not playing again but pushed myself to play more and hope for the best.

Thank god it did improve as one you have left the first level and head towards the woods, but first you meet your sideKICK and how he changes the gameplay. Sam is a three-foot tall part deadite, where as half his body has been turned to a deadite but being such a good sole he's not turned evil. Being small and dead you can you him in many ways, through the game you may need to brake something so by using your sideKICK, kicking him at items will destroy it as well as himself but then regenerates for more torture.

As well as kicking Sam into exploding barrels and spike pits just for fun, you can also kick him at the enemy which gives you an advanced or he can just pull of his head on the weaker ones. As well as Sam being useful in theses ways he can also be possessed at points in the game by Ash for which you then can get through holes in the wall and do a little task to little Ash through into the area.

The outside levels are much better as it's more open and gives you a feel of freedom, there's a few weapons you pick up as you progress nut it's a shame you can't upgrade them.

There's only one route the take on all the levels so there's not extra reply value there, plus the games short as it is, taken you from a few days up to 2 weeks depending on how much you play at ones.

Its pretty easy and simple game, so if an expert or a beginner you be able to do it even though the is no difficult setting and the bosses are not that hard as you can work it out instantly and finishing them reasonably fast.

Being as there are no upgrades, no unlock able cheats, mini-games or anything apart from 20 interview videos (mostly with Bruce Campbell) that only last a few minutes each if that along as you found them in the game.

With no real replay value and being there's much more better games out to buy, I would only advise you to buy it if you're a big fan of the films and can get it very cheap or just rent it.



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Review Date: 03/05/06

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