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September 2005

Well Below Fahrenheit In The Cold City Of New York!!!

Review Date: 12/05/06

Snow, New York, murder, blood, supernatural, thriller, adventure, magic, voodoo, matrix moves, powers, nightmares, visions, stealth, investigates, angels, tramps, boxing, basketball, ice skating, dancing, nudity, sex, insane asylum, mad people, flashbacks and much more is included here. What more could you want in a film or in the case, a game.

Please Read On (That was just to warm you up and to give you a idea what you get in Fahrenheit)

The intro starts of with the camera flying thought the air, which you see New York in the distance at night with all its lights on, why'll thick heavy snow is dropping down the view then fixes on a crow that's fly's pass and ends up going to a open window of a bathroom in a café called Doc's Dinner. It's -10c outside as one of the customers is having a whiss, a man then steps out and stabs the victim 3 times.

This is no normal murder because as it happens there's few quick flashes showing a man with hundred of candles around him and is using some kind of voodoo magic to control this man to commit murder.

Coming out of the trance, you take control of this person called Lucas Kane as its does split screen to show that there's a police officer in the next room its now down to you to decade what to do.

As this thriller of a game lets you choose the course of action, do you panic and run out off the café with blood on you or do you just wash you hands pay your food bill and leave normally, knowing that things may look fine but ones the office walks in the bathroom he will find the body. Then there's the other thing you could do by covering/hiding all evidence, like hind the body in the toilet, mop up the blood, hind knife, wash hands, eating some more food before paying and leaving.

This game not only gives you lots of options to do as the killer Lucas Kane as you try and find out what's happening to you but you also get to play as the two detectives Carla Valenti and Taylor Miles who is trying to solve the case and arrest you.


The graphics are just over basic average with some nice detail on the many characters in the game, showing off real life expressions. The graphics are fairly good, not stunning as the developer was not aiming at this. It has a gritty, grainy look to it, like it has in manhunt (who has played it)

The Voices are excellent thought the game for each and every character which there are many, the sound is of the most amazing quality and then the music that adds the atmosphere of the action scenes and also the excellent and fun boxing section that has "Try It Again" track by Bobby Byrd and "Hang It Up" by Patrice Rushen, Ben E. King and 4 other cool tracks all by Theory Of A Dead Man.

The controls are quite simple and also different from most other games. Will be confusing for many unless you play the tutorial first which only last about 15mins.
When you have to use your strength, like to pull, drag, things using the L1 and R2 buttons back and fore as quick as possibly which it shows on screen how well you are doing. As well as walking which can be fuming as the character walks in wrong direction, the right analogue it's also using for every action in the game.

Each action that you can do at the time of the place you are stand on, there's an icon at the top of the screen with the direction of where to pull the right analogue in.

Fahrenheit is played like an interactive film, as you now know you control the two detectives Carla and Taylor, plus Lucas Kane and also his brother. Controlling anything from there moving, what they do and what they say to others is down to you. Each action has an ending to it, for e.g you in a park, and Lucas gets a vision of a small boy falling into the icy cold water, knowing that there is the officer of the law walking this way that he surly notice you from the café. Do you a) run and jump into the water and try and save the boy and having the police man spot you, or do you b) walk off normal speed and do nothing and knowing that you have probably let the boy die.

You have chooses thought the game like this, though not all so life threading to you or someone but it's this thrilling play that makes Fahrenheit. As the game progress you gain not only more visions and flashbacks but you also have supernatural that lets you run faster and jump higher along with others which is used in a great fight scene where he know were to block and dodge, think the matrix and also has many powers near the end of the game.

The games not all about nightmares, investigates and adventure but there's also some other fun to be had like the boxing match between the detectives as they spar which is great and has some excellent animation along with the cool music, there's also a basketball match, , ice skating and dancing. (The last two are unlockables).

As well as visiting a freaky insane asylum when it has a power cut, a few bloody murders, there are also some nude and sex scenes in the game that's not suitable for all, it should maybe a age 18 but has the rating of 15+, so just be careful who you buy it for and who also plays it.

Thought this game has a great storyline and also very original gameplay, there is one stealth element I did not like and was very poor. This is when you play as Lucas as a child through his flashbacks, where you are sneaking around at dark in a restricted area of a base, where you parents were working as scientists there.

Though there are many chooses in the game, it all leads to the same ending, even though you probably would want to play it a second time. There are many things to unlock, like all the sound/music tracks, over 40 artworks, 8 movies, plus 7 Sequences that you can play or watch anytime you like. All of theses are unlocked by buy them with the points you get from finding the hidden Bonus Cards in the game. No need to find them all though as one you completed the game you earn a load of points which is enough to unlock everything.

The game is quite short as it can be completed in under a week if playing a few hours if that a day but it is worth it.

This game has won quite a few gaming awards for "Best Voice Acting", "Best Adventure Game of the year", "Best Story of the year" and "Best Original Game Mechanic" from Gamespot and IGN websites.



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Review Date: 12/05/06

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