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Fight Night 2004

Memory Usage
EA Sports
Electronic Arts
157KB Minimum
April 2004

Its The Night Of The Fight!!!

Review Date: 20/01/06
Background: Create your very own boxer in the all new create a player mode and work yourself up the boxing ranks to compete for the title. Various new moves allow you to bob, block and weave against your opponent. Then throw serious punches like the jab, hook and uppercut to take your opponent down to the canvas.
Its The Night Of The Fight!!!

Fight Night is the new name for the Knockout Kings, the series was great the the new title is because of the top graphics but mainly because of the new way of fighting which is using the analogues to throw punches.

GRAPHICS:The graphics are great with very nice detail not only with the faces and body's of the boxers but also with the sweating and bleeding from the face and nose. With some nice shoots you can see blood spay out across the air. Using the manual action replay is excellent and lets you see the damage you have done or the damage you have taken if losing. The entry scenes are very cool too, you can have doves let lose when you enter, fireworks, fireballs as you go into the ring and much more. The only let down with the graphics is the crowd which is in 2D, they do move about and action different if you winning. But to improve the crowd, it would of taken it away from the boxers (that would 't be good), so this don't fully matter as the boxers (don't mean his shorts by the way, lol) is watch you be looking at mostly. The lady's also feature at the begging of rounds with the card of the round your on. Which they look pretty nice, not as detailed as the boxers but good graphics. You can also have them on your entry scene. The likeness of the boxers are stop on which include Roy Jones Jr, Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis and others.

SOUND/MUSIC: Sound of punches are nice and sound real, that makes you feel "that got to hurt", even replay makes it sound better. you also got the crowd shouting out for some action, to knock them down, so that adds to the atmosphere as it would be very dull with out them. The Music is very good, some excellent tracks/songs, so even popular ones you know. This music also be added to your character entry clip.


The controls is what new here, the right analog, needs to be move in a direction the throw a button with ut pressing any other button. Straights and dabs are done by by pushing it up to one of the corners, hooks are done by pushing it the the side then around to the top and so on. (Find this to difficult or just different you can still use the buttons the fight. Block you also has full control over by pressing holding R1 you can bob, weave and lean using the right still. The shoulder buttons are then lets for illegal blow/punch, signature move, taunts and L1 to do body shoots. With the controls set like this you have total control of your boxer.

One more thing the mention is when knockdown you must align the image of the referee that's counting up so they met and you have clear vision. This can be turned off so the computer does it automatic for you which you don't see but i found it allot better this way.

GAMEPLAY: Gameplay is stunning, with great control you can doge punches which will lower your opponents stamina and leave him weak and slow for you to throw a counter punch that can knock some don in one punch(which feels great). The same goes for you though throwing punches loses stamina, but blocks and dodged ones will lose you more. Stamina just regain but the maximum will go down. So going crazy don't work, you need to do it all, block lean, counter attack and take breathers. Although you can play as well know boxers, the career mode with a create a boxer is the most fun. There's many characters you can make, small, tall, fat, slim, no hair, big hair, lots. Most of the shorts, shoes are already there, you just need to money, but the entry clips items must be unlocks first, there's laser show, special moves, taunts, music, tattoos, confetti, dancers and many more. After you chosen an opponent, before for the fight you get to do training which changes each time, There's 4 in all, all different, there's a combo dummy, a heavy bag, sparing partner and one with your coach that helps with what to hit and when. Depending on how good you do on them you are given points that can be spend on stats like power, speed, health, stamina and more.(8 in all)

REPLAY VALUE: Fans of boxer may wish there were more legends but there are some great ones. There's loads to unlock (will take mouths to unlock all), there's many you can make on create a boxer, playing on a harder difficulty is also fun and adds replay value. Few things they could add in(possible in one of the next Fight night) is a table with the top scores from the training plus have a option on main screen to practice at the training would be good and customable shorts, shoes like partners, colors and text plus a create a tattoo with color of course as the ones in the game are all black.

I've played the next fight night and i prefer this one and as its now cheap i would say its a must get.



Graphics, The boxers and areas are done very well, blood and bruises are great. But most of the crowd is flat 2D.

Sound/Music, Very good sound and music or thought there is only a few Songs.
Controls, Controls are good, but could of added custom settings.
Gameplay, Amazing fun, 4 good training areas Good funny commentating by rapper Big Tigger.
Replay Value, A lot to unlock, good create a boxer mode and different weight leagues to win.
Final Rating:


Review Date: 20/01/06

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