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Memory Usage
Wild West Action Adventure
52KB Minimum
November 2005

Is That A GUN In Your Pocket?

Review Date: 31/01/06

From the makes of Tony Hawks Games brings you GUN, set in the Wild West of 1880 and you play as Colton White. After some hunting and tutorials of the controls, the game then begins with you aboarding a steamboat where your father is meeting a lady when you are attacked,which you have to defend but mean why'll your father (Ned) gets killed and the boats blowup. Ones woken up your journey then starts with finding out why Ned was killed and to revenge his death.

The scenery are very good graphics and detail, expanding very far into the distance, with trees, rocks, mountains, building, people and even some wild life that includes wild dogs, horses, buffalos, birds, tigers, bears and a few more all adds to a great game world, that's feels real and with life that's fun to explore. The detail its self on the characters are very good that shows good animations and expressions. The horses are animated perfect, all the legs, body, head and tail that swishes about all looks and feels smooth when walking or speeding up into a run. When not on one your self it can walk about and shacks it head like a horse does and the wild ones will run off if hears gun fire.

The music fits in with the wild west and can add to the gameplay atmosphere, although not as noticeable at time unlike Red Dead Revolver which was like a classic western film. The sound is excellent, going back to the horse, the noises it makes is very lifelike and the hooves will sound different when running on wood, railway tracks, on rocks and any other surface. The guns have a good blasting sound, that each one sounds different. With many characters though out the game, you think it go wrong but all the voices are stop on and the actor Thomas Jane from the movie punisher (which did the voice for the game too) has also lent his talent to Colton White. Kris Kristofferson, Lance Henriksen, Brad Dourif, Ron Perlman and many more do voiceovers.

The controls are easy to use and quickly. L1 to throw dynamite and R1 to fire weapon. Changing weapons can be done with quick change O button or hold it down and select with with d-pad for for the type of weapon you want. You can also jump and drink from flask for help with a 1 press of the button. Ride the horse is simple but can get a bit more difficulty when shooting as well. Left Analogue for moving the horse and the right is used for aiming. L2 is to make you spur/gallop faster but will use up the horses energy and can kill it, if riding to hard. When pressed square on horseback will rear up or skid attack than will trample/kill any person or wild animal which is hit.

The gameplay is bloody and powerful shots can blow legs, arms and head off and when use quickdraw (slow-mo shooting) lets you shoot guns out of hands and then you can continue to keep it in the air when hitting. The missions involve defending railroad bridges, people, towns, attacking base, saving captives and many more. There's a few shops which lets up upgrade damaged, aiming, ammo and other thing, the weapons though are unlocked as you progress which are Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Melee (Knife, axe and sword), Thrown, Bows and Sharpshooters, some weapons can be zoomed in.

Side missions unlock as you go through game which are Pony Express, using a horse you must deliver and pick up items in the allowed time. Ranching is help out the farm rounding up livestock or defending them from bandits. Bounty Hunting, you must Kill or capture wanted outlaws that sometimes have there own men. Mining is just finding gold on your travels that you must dig up with a pickaxe. Keep the pace which is help out the sheriff with trouble from bay guys. Hunting animals is another that use must sneak up to wild beasts, only using a bow and putting a arrow in its head. Poker is one of my favorites but like all the others you can not replay any, one's its completed.

There's a very good story and some cool interesting missions, although ones completed 100% or close you probably won't play it again for a long time. There's bosses to defeat and unlocks to get like weapons, apache shirt. Though there is lots to do and is fun why'll it lasts its a very short game.

A Great big open world of the wild west, good missions, cool on horseback but a very short game. Buy if you can get it cheap.


Graphics, Very good detailed world as well as the characters and wild animals.

Sound/Music, Good music and sound with many excellent voiceovers.
Controls, Very easy to use as the same goes with the controlling of the horses.
Gameplay, Lots of different fun missions, good action and great when on horseback.
Replay Value, Lots of side missions, exploring but is over very quickly.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 31/01/06

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