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The Getaway: Black Monday

Memory Usage
Free Roaming Action Game
Team Soho
62KB Minimum
November 2004

Don't Come Knocking Monday, Just Getaway!

Review Date: 11/08/06

Team Soho is a group of team members thatís part of the big company Sony, This is only there 2nd game they have made which is a sequel to ďThe GetawayĒ and currently making the 3rd game in the series for the next generation in the form of Playstation 3.

Black Monday does not follow on from the previous game and that you now follow the story of a boxer called Eddie. Eddie and the gang decide to rob a valuable item from a rich and powerful gang boss which is dealing with weapons trade and other stuff. Along with Eddie you also play levels with a young girl called Sam, plus Mitchell which is part of a special attack unit in the police. All there storyís link and cross paths together the plots twist and ends up different to what they are after.

Almost 2 years after the release of the first getaway the graphics has not been improved much if at all, although itís not the worst you can find. You will find that all the characters are well designed with detail faces but you may also notice that animations has glitches where there is not movement from the mouth or is not accurate. The detail in the buildings is pretty plain and flat, which donít look good but as your mostly driving you will not notice this and it will look fine. Ones inside of the buildings, you can see that there developers have put more details into everything as here you will obviously be on foot.

With most action games you will not see real cars as it cost to license them. As Team Soho is part of the company Sony which has a lot of money can afford to put in real cars, this is way you will get not only to see but drive cars from makers of Peugeot, Vauxhall, Lotus, Rover, TVR, Renault, Mitsubishi and many more. Along with the nicely detail cars you also have damage that will show up from bullet holes, smashed windows, scraps and when it has taken to much damage the car smokes and slows down. As before they are trying to make it look real, with no stats what so ever on screen to show life, ammo or anything.

I start with the sound first, the gun shots and car sounds are ok but not what you would get if itís a shooter or racing game. The music seems alright with some of the missions you play have got good tracks or tunes but you mostly find that thereís not enough and can be quite boring with out. As with other games you get that atmosphere and more entertainment if the music is done perfect but not here.

On to the voices now, I donít know if itís because itís set in London or that the developer is trying to make it feel more like a game but there is just too much swearing in the game. Although the dialogue is very well write it seems that every sentence not only in the cut-scenes but while playing the game, that the characters speak has to have a swear work in it. Its that over the top that the game has been heavily criticized for it swearing, I think with out this it would not have its 18+ rating and that would made it very low for almost any age to play it. One more thing I mention here is that I found in one or two situations where when I was playing as the main male characters that it was the voice of the female characters over lapping. Although it was very rare to hear it was a used game with scratchís that could of cause the problem.

I keep this short by saying that the controls are the same as in the first getaway. For those that have not played it, itís basically the same layout as other games of its type. With the handling of the cars and bikes are very sensitive, itís hard to drive with them: you will be hitting a lot of vehicles, some sudden skids and revising it pretty much imposable. With the handling this bad, any one that expecting to enjoy this part will be disappointed and I was glad most of the time to get back to the on-foot sections. One more thing is that there are no tips, instructions or any type of tutorial, so you will need to read the manual at least once.

The gameplay is just like the previous game, although there is a new storyline and characters, the game does not offer anything new apart from that you can now drive bikes but that has no effect on the gameplay. The driving sections are either chasing someone or getting from A-B, the only think I found slightly interesting was that I was driving real cars like the Peugeot 206 that I want to buy or a Mitsubishi GTO Twinturbo (one of my favorite cars). Apart from that being in the vehicles was boring and sometimes annoying as when you collide with something is will reaction in to ways. One being hit by a car only a bit will make you spin out and out of control. But where as hitting a solid lamppost or metal railing will make you slide out the way or suddenly move with out taking damage even though you defiantly hit it.

Onto the shooting side, when your moving around in buildings shooting people the auto lock on aim seems to be always on the wrong person. So if you thinking manual aim be better its not as with the developers real feel to the game you have no aim curser to see were you are shooting. So unless youíre a robot you end up using a few clips on one person were only a few bullets will hit. Along with the bad camera angles most of the time, it just makes it more difficult and least enjoying.

The worst bit of the gameplay is were you control the girl called Sam, were all her missions are to do with stealth. Donít get me wrong here, I love stealth games but itís made so bad here youíll be praying to get of these parts. As Sam donít fight or use guns, along with the camera angles and even people spotting you when they shouldnít its almost imposable to do these parts, even me a heavy gamer taken me many re Ėtries. To finish this off the healing situation is still the same weird odd way were you have to wait a second for your character to lean on the wall for the blood and bullet damage to disappear, although there is now a few medi-kits, yes thatís right a few in the hole game on wall for you to use instead of the weird lean on wall healing way.

With the main game if should take at the most a week to complete but I done see any reason to replay again but like before there is a roaming mode where you can does drive around doing what you like and try and find some of the secret cars. Along with that you get a few more extra modes over the previous game like race, chase, and black cab. These modes may add more days or weeks of replay value but I couldnít cope with the controls anymore so I managed to pay only about half of the races.

From what I can tell they have just put in new characters, storyline, new vehicles plus bikes right on top of the original game. If you had a chose from the 1st or 2nd game, I go for the original even if it was a few more pounds to pay as this sequel has not added anything new or good the game.



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Review Date: 11/08/06

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