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Ghost Recon 2

Memory Usage
Team Action
Red Storm
UBI Soft
November 2004

Ghosts Go 2 Recon,...Far.......Far.........Away!!!

Review Date: 07/05/06

The games set in North Korea in 2007, as the Ghost leader you control your 4 man squad with the most cutting-edge military equipment, you are set out to stop an military faction before a full-scale nuclear war brakes out.

The graphics is what first draws you into thinking you want it, but that is all it has to offer really. The detail is good through out with the ghost members looking and moving realistically, the new Havok 2 physics engine also provides realistic effects for destructible objects with its ragdoll physics. Many levels have stunning areas with lush, different shades of green grass and trees though the wooded areas.

The Music, what of it is good that fits the war scenes, the sounds of gun fire ripping past you in an all out battle with your swat, sounds excellent as well as the voice commands your character say to your team.

The controller setup is poor, though it has nice touches but slow along with the movement is slow. You can you the d-pad up/down to kneel, laydown or stand up and left/right to peek but with the slow movement you can get shot and feels like its in slow-mo. When an in-coming grenade heads towards you, there's no change of getting up and running in time. Weapons can be changed by holding O button and then using the analogue stick but you most stop if running to do as the stick is used for movement, which don't help when on a time limit. Fire mode can be changed depends on weapon to, single shot, 3 rounds, burst or fully automatic which is done the same way as weapon change but using the X button. Commands are set with the Triangle button, by holding and choose from orders like advance, suppress fire, frag, regroup, hold and scout. Many times will not follow orders by saying "can't do that", ordering them is frag an enemy is very annoying and frustrating as with very poor AI, they will not move and throw the grenade hitting a roof or wall and killing your hole team as a result. . The team sniper is the worst when enemy's are in plain view he will not shoot and as there's no way of telling a individual member to fire, making you to do mostly all the work your along with the grenades is best done by yourself.

As the most important part of any game is the gameplay, which in this case is the worst part. With the very poor AI and sluggish slow controls it makes the game very hard to play but on top of that, though the levels are quite short there's no saves or checkpoints in mid game, including no way to heal makes it almost impossible to complete. Until you can work out to play 100% prefect, you can then proceed onward. Along with your team AI, the enemy AI needs to be fixed as many times they can stop you even when there's walls or buildings in the way, which is no good when trying to sneak up to a tank with a rocket launcher as he knows where you are minutes away.

There are some missions where you must go in as a one man team, this can be easer and better at times as you don't have to fuss about with your team and that they also give to more high-tech weapons that includes a laser designator attached to you special rifle. As well as picking up enemy weapon with the press of the action button you can also choose at the beginning of some of the levels, though not much to choose from there are, grenades or a rocket, extra ammo, silenced or standard pistol, assault rifle, sub-machine, heavy gun, sniper and rifle with attached launcher.

With the game being very hard, you may not reply it again or even completed the first time, but after each level you do you unlock Quick mission where you can choose to replay it again normal, or as a lone wolf(on your own) or firefight (eliminate all enemy forces). You also get points for each level you complete depending on how well you do, you can then spend it on Game Art, ScreenShots or any of the Movies.

There's also an online mode which is not great, where you can play 3 modes, team survival,assault and supremacy. You can also add friends and chat to other gamers for up to 16 players.

A Very hard game with poor controls and gameplay, no thing to offer. Stay away from.



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Review Date: 07/05/06

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