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Street Racing
Juice Games
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June 2005

Getting Juiced When Driving!!!

Review Date: 29/10/05

Juiced is about respect, getting to the top, create and be the best crew around. Combing arcade and simulation car control, its very different from others. You start out in juiced by choosing your name, crew name with a logo and of course 20 grand, from here you you mush buy a car, put a few mod's on it and enter the world of street racing.

The graphics are excellent, nice looking levels and scenery, top looking cars with great damage effects to them. Some buildings, cars of the track and the crowds are a bit plane and dull, but the graphics are not really needed there.

The sounds are good of the noises of the cars. There are some great music on the game but could of done with a bit more of them and of could a few not so good songs. Theses though can be turned off to your liking on the main menu options. All the team leaders have a little animation video when talking to you about betting, which is good but does have a few flaws with it now and again.

The controls like a said is a mix of arcade and simulation, as which almost all street racing games (Need For Speed) you can put your foot down and brake/hand braking into corners and slide/drift around. Juiced however adds some simulation (Gran Turismo) to it, meaning braking hard or to late can lock your brakes. Going to fast or turning to hard on rough/bumpy roads can make your car loose grip and spin out. So all type of drive cars acted different, front-wheel drive is much easy to use, rear-wheel drive cars needs a lot of skill, specially on corners and 4-wheel drive is pretty good handling/grip but can also spin as its very powerful. Extra skill is needed for these game as when damaged car not only cost you money to repair it but also effects your cars performance and handling. Damaged bumpers, skirts can give you a bad balance of weight, steering can be damaged, nitro can be leaked and so on.

Each race entry depends on the class of your car, so when using not so fast car, you will be classed at a the lower end and that superfast cars will not be against you only ones of similar performance. Types of races include a circuit which is from 3-12 laps, point-2-point where its the first to get to the end of a long circuit. Show off mode where you mush perform tricks and maneuvers for respect, which is hard at first but is very fun. A sprit which is a drag race of 4 racers which some times have a 1 or 2 small turnings and is done in 3 events and the winner is the one with the most points. Pink-slip is the winner takes both cars home (this is always done in one of the cars in your highs class that you have), thinking of cheating here does not work if you think by restarting your ps2 before the end of the race to save losing your car, the reason it don't work is because they take your car of your memory card before starting the race and then saves both cars back to it if you win. Crew racing can be done on circuit and ponit-2-pinot only, this you can enter 1 or 2 members aswell as your self, or just 1-3 of your own crew and just watch. The orders you can give is very basic but can get very difficult when racing your self as well, these are just telling a team member to drive slow, normal or slow. Team racing can be done ether 3on3 or 3 teams 2on2on2.

One very important thing to remember is that all racers has stress bars, this is show by the color of there name, (yellow-normal, orange-stressed and red-very stressed) When stressed they make mistakes, like over braking, over speeding and will ends up spinning out (so watch out when your behind them). To Stress they out you can just stay right up close behind them, even being in front can stress them as this makes them rush and go into corners with to much speed. Stressing opponents is very useful if you can get close up but lack speed or skill to take them.

Next is the modding, although you may of heard it has 7.5 trillion unique customization(loads more than any game), well it don't, although its has more and better than NFS its not as good as Midnight Club 3. Juiced does have some get really parts but there's not many of them, unlocking upgraded is very easy as ones you races in a car you get some more mod's just for that car unlike other games where you have to play for hours or days to get a few thinks. What is excellent about this though is the color, you can have all 3 types on your cars which is basic, metallic and pearlescent and they look amazingly stunning and shinny.

Replay Value is very high as not only the career takes long time, there also stage your own events where you can choose track, level, class and make of car(this is in the career mode) There are over 50 really cars from the dealership like Honda, Dodge, Ford, Toyota and more, they can be bought new, used or even from a scrap yard which is a lot cheaper also long as the damage cost is not to much. Even when complete the career mode there's 2 other modes, custom race and a challenging arcade mode which unlocked tracks and cars for you to play 1or2 player games. Of could there's also online play too.

I would recommenced this game but it depends on what your are looking for. Juiced is a hard game with its simulated car handling and its also feels more really with damage that you have to pay for. But for those looking for something fun, quick to getting to go for Midnight club 3:DUB Edition.

Graphics, Excellent Damage, stunning shinny cars and very nice looking tracks.

Sound/Music, Very good sound and great music but could of done with more song and tunes.
Controls, Mix of arcade and simulation car controls, can be very hard to play at time.
Gameplay, Fast, good damage, good mods, cool cars, lots of fun tracks. But very hard at times.
Replay Value, Takes long time to complete, loads of tracks, over 50 cars, Online and much more.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 29/10/05

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