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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Memory Usage
Building Simulation
BlueTongue Software
1700KB Minimum
March 2003

The Operation Is under Way.

Review Date: 07/03/07

There have been a few Jurassic Park films released with some games based on them and a load of others that was just based on the theme. This game Iím review is make by an Australian developer company by the name of Blue Tongue which has been making games since 1995. In 2004 they were acquired by THQ, which was after the release of this game which is why it was publishes by Konami instead.

This game does not follow the storyline from the movie but instead takes the aim of the park, which is to extract DNA from fossils and hatch dinosaurs and keep them in a zoo type them park where visitors can come and pay to watch this new type of trilling entertainment.

The graphics are no thing special, thereís no amazing effects, stunning lighting or shadows. Not like you would expect like in the top games out now but the game does have some good details and animation. If you take the time and zoom into the action you can see there is good amount of detail on the dinosaurs with its skin color and teeth but what is nice is the animation. As you watch them they will work about, drink water, run and hunt its prey it does seem realistic.

The game does take the theme tune of the film, which you will hear playing when on the main menu. Apart from that, the music (what of it!) is pretty poor. The same goes for the voices also, where as the game gives you tips and emails there are the images of the actors that played there part in the film accompanied with a voice. Although Iím not sure if the real actors from the films did the voice overs (probably not) I found it poor either way, the quality was average at best and who ever did them couldnít of put much effort into it.

The only thing that comes close to being good in audio is the sound with the dinosaurs all have there unique sounds and when T-Rex roars he sounds a right vigorous beast that ever walked this earth.

The controls are explained to you through the tutorials and also what all the icons in the menu mean. The game is building simulation like the tycoon and theme games (e.g. Them Park World) where you use scroll around the screen, turn the view, zoom in and all the interaction is done by clicking on structures and using the pop up menus to access info, dig sites, research and so on.

As long as you have followed the tutorials which are pretty simple, you should know the ins and outs of the menu with a 30mins -1 hour of gameplay. You do get to take control of a jeep and a helicopter, so there are quite a few things to remember but there is always an on screen display of the buttons to remind you.

The only problem that accrued was that when I was selecting the icons on the menu sometimes jumped to the wrong one.

The game is slightly varied with what you do through out. You have the main building and maintaining of running a Jurassic them park, from extraction DNA from fossil that you find or buy, so you can then hatch dinosaurs. Once you have at least 1 inside a cage you can open the park to earn money from visitors. From this money you can do research to improve viewing of your enclosures and other structures and items to keep your customers happy like gift and food shops, to other things to do with security and cures to dinosaurs diseases.

Thatís the basic of these type of building simulation games but thereís a bit more to Jurassic park then the others. You also have a rangerís station that has a helicopter that you can give orders to or fly yourself. The reason for the use of this is, is a number of useful actions can be taking like shooting a dinosaur with cures to the diseases that you have researched, sedate them if you want to move them and even a deadly bullet if a carnivore goes on a rampage, along with a few other actions.

There are two attractions called safari and balloon ride which not only earns you money from visitors but you can take control of this also but this time you have a camera which is used for taking pictures of you dinosaurs which sometimes are bought by papers to earn some extra cash.

Iím not a great fan of building games as I found they get boring very quickly but being quite interested in dinosaurs I found it quite entertaining at time, as especially when you get a new dinosaur into the park for the first time. Although there are 25 types of dinosaurs available in the game which is a good number the only problem is that you have 3 out of 6 dig sites in a game meaning you only can get about half of the species in the park. So the only other way to see the other types would be to start another game from scratch and chose to have the other dig sites.

The research I would like to also mention about, as with other game of this type you must research projects for you to unlock the others first but here they are already unlock for you to research which does not give you any surprises along the way as you can read about all of them before researched them.

As well as the building sandbox type play as its called now a days, you also have 12 missions to completed if you wish, that include rescuing visitors, killing all the rampaging dinosaurs, taking photographs of them and running a open safari park (which is all the dinosaurs are together instead of in different groups. Most of theses are time limits and can be quick hard to do but is a good challenge.

What also adds replay value, although dinosaurs enthusiasticís will more likely play the mode which is unlocked after completing all the tutorials and missions. This is called B-site Ė think of it as a private dinosaur park where no visitors are allowed. Here you have no money so you can build as much as you like. There are not much that you can build as a lot of it is for visitors which is not needs for this mode, so it lest you hatch dinosaurs anywhere you like and its just like view them in the natural surroundings as you watch them hunt each other and play together. I really enjoyed this mode as I could see how they would acted normal, where as making a load of raptors they would stay as a pack and it was great to see who would win when verses a t-rex.

Completing the game should take about 2 weeks and you may get another 1 or 2 weeks out of it if you really enjoy the B- Side mode and are quite fascinated in dinosaurs.


A must try for park type fans and dinosaur lovers. If you decide to buy then get it cheap. If you can find it.


Graphics, no thing special, but has good animation.

Sound/Music, pretty poor apart from the dinosaurs.
Controls, your average controls of a building sim.
Gameplay, good sim more for dino fans, others may find it boring.
Replay Value, not that hard, could have done with more dinosaurs.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 07/03/07

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