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Memory Usage
First Person Shooter
Guerilla Games
64KB Minimum
November 2004

Enter The Killing Zone

Review Date: 09/01/05

Killzone is set in the future where the evil Helghast are attacking you and your planet. You start the game of as one of the captains in the ISA and as you progress you gain the other characters. From every level you start you can choose how to use. All of them have strengths and weakness meaning that you be playing each level different with some different paths to take.

The story and level design is anything more than amazing. The graphics of every thing is top notch, walls, trees all feel real great water effects. People look the most life like on any game and console made.

Great voice acting which you hear in game plus in the clips and the sounds just like a real war from shouting, shooting, explosions and more. Very good music thought out the game too.

The controls could of been improved slightly but its as good as any FPS.

The gameplay is just great, great weapons which real movement of people when thought in a grenade, re-loading or even jumping over walls. The camera move about showing you taking a clip and putting it in or putting a hand on the wall to hop off, it feels like you control more than just a game charichter.Tthe IA are sneaky and attack in teams but can just stand there sometimes when being attacked. You can also melee attack with your gun with the x button but does not allow it on multiplay game.

Replay Value is very high with able to play every level with a different character, multiplay has about 11 very big and fun level which do not go smaller for 2 player games and plus it has online play. You can choose 2 be on any side but do not choose a player as all of them look the same which look a bit silly apart from the Helghast which all look the same anyway. There mode to play on are team or all on all deathmatch, assault, defend & destroy, domination and supply drop.


Graphics, One of the best looking games . Very life like faces. High amount of detailed levels.

Sound/Music, Voice acting, gun sound and music all Great.
Controls, Very good but could of made slightly better use of the pad.
Gameplay, Excellent gameplay. Stealth is hard to do.
Replay Value, 4 characters, great story, massive multiplayer levels plus online.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 09/01/05

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