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November 2003

You got blood on your face, you look a disgrace...

Review Date: 01/06/04

In this game you play as Cash, an ordinary man who wakes up and finds himself trapped in a town filled with insane psychopaths. You must use a limited set of weapons to escape from the town, or else you will be hunted by the psychos. Use various stealth skills, such as peeking, hiding in shadows, moving in silence, crouching behind objects and stealth kill, to avoid enemy detection.

This is such a great game, but I tell you now that this is an adult game as it contains a lot of blood, gore and swearing too. If you can handle that and you like the sound of it then read on.

The graphics are pretty good, gritty which is just right for this game. There's great shadow and lighting effects. You will have to check to darkness settings on options to get it just right. Its Very bloody and gory so be warning at its a 18+. A nice trick is that all the weapons you have can be seen on your body. e.g brick or bottle in back pocket, smaller weapon on right and a bigger/better weapon an back.

Music is excellent, its horror, spooky, scary time of music that fits in perfect. All the enemies talk to them self's or others, which is always funny. Sound is top too, every thing you walk on sounds different, guns have guns sounds and the melee weapons you can here them hitting the bones of people and cutting though the flesh.

The controls are easy to use and learn as long as you listen to the instructions on the first level, which in its self is a partly training level. Camera angles are very good, you can move it when need too aswell.

This is a great stealth game, you will need to plan your attacks and timing, as this game is set in the night and dark areas, you can get nice and close. When your ready to attack you can jump out and do a violate stealth kill where you pull a big knife out and start to chop the mans head right off.

The gameplay is excellent, very great atmosphere, levels can be hard at times. Its a stealth game at heart, with the later levels have guns that turns the play more into action shooting. The stealth kills are very brutally but great, all melee weapons have 3 different kills.

The replay value is pretty high, although some levels are short you can replay them for a better rating which unlocks 4 bonus levels (very fun crazy and mad) and secret cheats. If you really love this game, you'll be replaying it a good few times. Would be great if they added a co-op mode to play too.

Those that love horror, blood and gore should get it right now. Those that don't, well they probably not reading this.


Graphics, Pretty good, nice blood and gore. Great shadows and lighting.

Sound/Music, Music is just right and the sound of the weapons Hitting the bones is nice.
Controls, The controls are done fine, easy to learn and use.
Gameplay, Very great atmosphere, amazing stealth play and levels are perfect.
Replay Value, Fans will want to get top ratings, 4 bonus levels and secret cheats. Could of done with a co-op mode.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 01/06/04

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