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Mercenaries Playground of Destruction

Memory Usage
Free Roaming Game
Pandemic Studios
February 2005

If You Have The Money, You Can Buy It As A Merc!!!!

Review Date: 10/05/05

In the game, players choose to be one of three mercenaries: an American ex-soldier, a British secret agent, or a Swedish bounty hunter. As one of theses mercs you do missions for different international factions, including China, North Korea, and the Russian Mafia. Players choose to make enemies or form alliances with these factions. There are 52 main enemies that you have to kill or capture(which gives you more money) They are called the deck of cards, when you have done some normal missions and have collected info then you have to go find them.

The graphics are very good indeed, massive area full with mountains, buildings, people. With no slow downs, its very smooth and there are always real-time battles going on allover the place. The people look good but not perfect, vehicles and buildings are good detail but the most amazing thing is when you up stuff from cars with rockets and grenades, helicopters with anti-air rockets and big huge buildings can be wiped out by air-strikes. using the havoc physic engine on all vehicles and also buildings too, rumble goes everywhere, dust clouds covers the area, big explosions and all looks amazing.

Car sounds, gun firing and bomb explosions all sound great, music is very good, sounds similar to freedom fighters plus some of the music is like star wars too as Pandemic Studios, the developers is part of LucasArts. Voice Acting is pretty good too.

Controls are very good and are easy to use. You can control over 20 authentic vehicles including helicopters, trucks and tanks, the controls could of been improved a bit more for them as the vehicles are very sensitive and helicopters do turn very slow. You use air-strikes and other equipment by selecting with the up or down directions that you pay for with your hard-earn cash.

The gameplay involved lots of different missions, any number of vehicles can be high jacked, there are over 30 real-world military weapons that you can use that you can only hold 2 at a time, there's no pistols which is a bit sad as it would help to have a 3rd small weapon. Completing missions will unlock more new vehicles and weaponry in the shop and unlock new bonus missions that are specific to each faction. When you use the horn you can get allies to get in the car with you so they can use guns of top and help in shoot outs.

The reply value is very high as it takes weeks if not months to complete plus 3 characters to use, a second outfit to get for each and a 2 area go to halfway thought the game and both are filled with hidden items that gives you more to buy in the shop.


Graphics, Great explosions and good detailed looking world and vehicles.

Sound/Music, Good Sound and great music.
Controls, Easy to use, but vehicles, mainly the helicopters needed improvement.
Gameplay, Massive world, great mission and great Destruction.
Replay Value, Lots to unlock, 3 characters, takes hours of playing, could of done with co-op play.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 10/05/05

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