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Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2

Memory Usage
Survival Horror Action
348KB Minimum
August 2005

Return 2 The Outbreak Of Evil!

Review Date: 11/10/06

Capcom that was founded in Japan of 1979 has grow to being one of the biggest developer and publisher of video games, that has make many great games and series from many consoles, some of the well known series were Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Onimusha, Resident Evil and some other odd games like Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7 and Auto Modellista.

The first Resident Evil was released on the PS1 in the year 1996 (which cost me a hefty £60), known as Biohazard in Japan, over 10 Resident Evil games have been released on PS1, PS2 and a few other consoles, along with Resident Evil to follow in 2007 on the PS3. Outbreak 2 is the first online game they released over in Europe as the first Resident Evil Outbreak game the online feature was dropped apart from Japan’s version.

The is no set storyline as with the other resident evil games but you have 4 scenarios with a 5th to unlock that you can play in any order, picking from a group survivors of a everyday normal life along with 2 other characters controlled by the Computer, you must help each other out and find you way out of that area/scenario to safety that will involve team work and some puzzles along the way.

Now just a few days over 1 year old since release you will still find some newer games not as good graphically, so you see its pretty good but not stunning. Looking more deeper into the detail of the 8 characters you can play has good detail to them all, showing good facial features and nicely designed clothes that they wear.

The enemies are also designed well, from the animals in the zoo, zombies and other monsters are well animated, that makes then look scary and realistically.
The cut-scenes through the game are excellent and well done, the intro first the 2nd scenario I liked very much its done a way of a first person view, where you are running down a road with many zombies everywhere taking swipes at you and the camera turns and moves to dodge them.

The new animation to the characters also have a effect on the gameplay, where as when you are bleeding or have low health, you walk slow, drag you legs, your arms hang down and with help from another character, they will grab a holed of you and help you walk along. Same with when you are very damages, when you so injured that you are crawling along the ground and ones again any other character can give you a help you.

The sound seems good from the gun fire to the groans of the zombies. Even the foot steps as you run or walk makes sounds and changed as you move to different services. The music is good, mostly only appeared in the cut-scenes and bosses but it did not really give you that fright and panicking feeling like the other Resident Evil games.

All the characters have there own voices, although not as good as many other games that have top storylines, which leads me too the script is no thing special at all which is a result as of basic scenarios with out not real story drive scenes. It’s a shame there are not story to follow with each character as it would have improved the script and they wouldn’t be as annoying.

The controls are updated from the previous games, where as pressing the direction will make your character move in that direction where as before down would make you walk back and left/right would make you turn. Only thing is when running along you view changes and can make you move in the wrong direction, even so back to the fixed view point.

The view –point is one thing they should have changed like they did for RE 4, but they are still fixed at different angles which don’t help at times when enemies are around out of view and like I said the sudden movement of your character switches as the view changes is not good and can get annoying at times.

Another new feature is that you can now move and shoot at the same time, which doesn’t involve you to quickly press aim button.

As this game has online play and also allies play along side, you need a way to talk. You can’t use a keyboard or a headset like most online games, which may sound silly and boring. But I guess Capcom did this to stop people just talking/messing around while others are trying to play the game. So the way you communication offline and online is by using the right analogue stick that is pre-set with words and answers. So some of the uses are up to tell people to “go” and down to “follow” which can be used to give orders to the computer or even newbie’s that are playing online. Then there are other commands like “help”, “wait” if under attack or you busy with something. Along with calling out your allies names you also can answer which “yes”, “no” and “sorry” which I found I used a lot at first when I was a playing online and did not know what to do.

With 5 different commands with the analogue (4 directions and bush button stick) there are another 5 if you hold down L1 and 1 more with triangle. So with 11 commandos and answers you learn as well as everything else, I found it hard and confusing to remember and was a bit difficult playing online when you answer someone “no” or “wait” when you mean “yes” or something along those lines.

The other new and changed are is the items and inventory is now in real time where as before it was automatically paused. The reason for this is that when playing online it would get extremely annoying if the game paused every time someone checked there items out. Along with it being in real time you now have the option of giving items to over people or asking them if you could have it.

The games based in Raccoon City where a virus has broken out and has turned people into zombies and monsters, which also have affected you unlike all the other Resident Evil games. The virus is in your blood and ones it reaches 100% you dead which is show on the stats screen, so there fore its like time-limit but it effects each character different and also goes up if attacked. I did think this would rush you but each scenario is not that long and there for just not over rush you into completing.

From the start you can chose from 4 scenarios, a zoo, underground train station, an old unused hospital and a police station. Each area you must escape from with your chosen character, that each one have there own advantages and disadvantages to them, so there is some strategy in chosen and its interesting trying different ones out.

There are 8 characters that all from different professionals like a police officer, doctor, plumber and others that all have unique skills like being able to repair things and make new weapons out of objects, healing kit, strength and so on.

The gameplay is just like any other Resident Evil game where as you explore, shoot enemies with some bosses throw in and some very basic puzzles along the way which really only consists of finding keys, swapping objects about, pushing things and so on, nothing crime solving that will get you stuck on.

Also always you have guns like a pistol, shotgun and so on but now you also have melee attacks/weapons for the first time. (Which was also included in the previous outbreak) These come in many different forms, each character has a standard shoulder ram which will not also damage enemies but you can break open fragile doors with weak locks. The other weapons are a hammer, axe and a knife which all break apart from a knife. Also there are some odd every day items that can be used as a melee weapon like a broom stick, metal pole and even a rock. Obviously these do not do as much damage as guns but are very helpful if low on ammo or up against slow moving easy opponents.

Though that is the basis of the gameplay it now all involves team-work. So with only room for 4 items in your inventory you most help out each other back give health, ammo and thing else to share within the group. Part of the time work you’ll need to take out enemies together or when ammo or health is low then one can attack while the others move to next door and then take up shooting for the last person to make it out.

I feel that each character is balances right apart from one that has a coin for there unique item that really don’t do anything and that the virus in him grows faster. Each of the characters has a unique item/s that are separate from there inventory.

Some of the best are:
Cindy that carries an herb kit (for readers that not played resident evil before: Herbs are medicines that can be mixed together to give health and cures poison) and by having this she can put any herbs straight into here which gives you that space in your inventory for other things. She holes 3 of each herb and can also heal others herself.

David is the plumber that has a tool kit that holes wrenches that can be thrown to stun enemies, junk parts to repair broken items and dunk tape. Armed with his knowledge and duck tape you can make weapons: from a long stick and knife to a spear, spray and lighter to a flame thrower and some other cool stuff.

Last one I mention is Yoko a student which done sound much but as she has a knapsack she can holed 4 extra items, meaning you will not have to back track to get items and have a good section of health and ammo.

You could be asking yourself does the team play work right? Lets this were it splits.

Offline is ok but the AI is mostly dumb and sometimes ends up dieing leaving you to do all the work. They also run around grabbing items but not helping you out when under attack. Of course you can use the commands and ask them to help which sometimes they come over and fight with enemies. Also being dumb they do run straight into and zombies and many of them do not use the unique skills like Alyssa that has pick-locks will usually just stand right next to a door when you tell them to help to unlock it, then run off again. Cindy doesn’t seem to use her herb kit at all. The only character I found useful as a computer controlled is Yoko as she follows you around almost all the time and never runs off, plus she like a walking talking knapsack as she can hold extra items.

It does seem at times you’re a babysitter as you have to watch the other AI players, giving them health, defending them and telling them to follow which does get annoying as it don’t feel like a game anymore. But once you got some practice in you can easy just complete it with one AI or none helping you out.

Then online side of things is much better as you don’t have to put up with the computer AI of course as you play with real humans. Still it may not work depends on the person, newbie’s seem better as they say close and usually help out thought they don’t know what they doing at times. Then there are the expert gamers that either run ahead and only help them selves and complete it very quickly or they stuck with you and you then get to know the level and what to do if not played it before.

I found it easy to play and at least all the people can you there unique skills and items. To get online it’s very easy, all you have to do is input your email, make up a username and set a password and then you in. The only small problem I found with this is that you have to type in your password every time you go on, as most online games will save the data to your memory card and will automatically input for you.

Once in, you can enter a room where you can talk to users before playing, which here you can use a keyboard unlike the many game. It also says how many users online and playing. To start a game you click play, which then loads up the screen of games that are waiting which you can join or make a new game.

Once you have chosen the level, difficulty, name and so on. You then chose you player and play any time or wait until more join. The online also lets you have an extra player, taking the told players up to 4 including you.

The time it takes to complete each scenario is not that long and should that at the most 2 hours the first time on each but once you known what to do it can be done in about 30mins. Each level can be played on easy or normal which not only changed the difficulty with enemies but also has fewer puzzles to do.

Along with 8 characters to play as and experiment, there is a lot of replay value. Unlockables coming in the form of Art, usable costumes, movies, music and also 1 new scenario and a few other modes called showdown and elimination which are a row of battles with bosses.

To get this you most buy them with points gained from offline or online. Where as a harder difficulty, completing more puzzles, finding special items will gain you much more.

As online improved the replay value I mention how popular it is. I’ve tried it in the mornings, afternoon and at night, which I’ve found people where on at the time with what I seen the less was about 15users with about 40 the most I’ve seen. Usually is about 23 users on are line, which is pretty good I would say as I was not expending many at all.

If you not tried a Resident Evil game before then get one of the other games as this is not the best and put you off playing the others. On the other hand if you’re a fan or enjoying playing RE games, then try to get it on the cheap for at the very most £10 unless you also going to be playing it online then its worth that £10 price.



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Review Date: 11/10/06

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