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Pro Evolution Soccer 3

Memory Usage
1195KB Minimum
October 2003

Don't Point At Me Ref........

Review Date: 30/10/04


The graphics are still pretty good as this was released in 2003. from afar the players and pitch and all looks great but up close not so much although they do look like the real players. The fans are 2d but they do move, anyway this is not where we be look at mostly.

The sound is excellent and the music is pretty good too. Now the only area that fifa wins is the licence. Pes3 do not have a full licence but they have a lot of players though(lot more than the last), like beckham, ronaldo and lots more there any some real clubs but not English teams but you can change any of the name, also the strips and there a good create a flag too. So with a little bit of energy you can have all the team names and players all done.

The modes available in pes3 are training challenges, exhibition, league mode, cup mode and a masters league where you start as any team, although you get the same made up player to start with in the mode. From wining match's and selling players you get points which is the same as money and from here you can do search's or select a team or country to find players. Then you can get players buy buying, loan or trade transfer with the points you have. working you way up the leagues and improving your team and wining cups is what this mode is all about which i find the best mode of all.

The gameplay is amazing much better than any other football game. There a lot better control of the players, nice tricks, moves. when playing this game a lot of your shots just miss or hit the post and top bar but when you do score it feels that you really have tried and its great. I find that it being hard to score feels more like real like unlike fifa where its to easy and get very boring quickly.

There's a pes shop too where you spend pes points from wining a game in any mode to get stuff like classic teams and players, new items for edit players, plus lots more.You can also earn points to spend from wining cups and complete any of the training

Great game, feels real, loads of replay value, manly with the master league, a top football game that you can buy very cheap.


Graphics, Almost prefect, plus its over a year old, still bets resent ones in graphics.

Sound/Music, Great sound, there no songs though but good tunes.
Controls, Amazing controls, may need to improve the tricks a bit. only a bit.
Gameplay, The best football game going, need skill for this not like fifa.
Replay Value, Lots of modes and training plus unlockables. you be doing better goals every time.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 30/10/04

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