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Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones

Memory Usage
Action Adventure
UBI Soft
UBI Soft
175KB Minimum
December 2005

Which Throne Will You Take As The Prince???

Review Date: 20/01/06

The background of prince of persia for those that are new to it, is the sands of time is held in a hourglass and when released, spreads a curse turning everyone in the sands creatures. The one that finds the dagger of time(the prince) takes power and can slow down time and rewind time it self (which saves you when fall to your death)plus more powers. Each game follows the prince on a great adventure to stop this evil ones and for all.

The Two Thrones started straight after PoP2 the warrior within, you are returning home to Babylon with Kaileena to find that your city is at war and that you must fight to get it back, but when the sands of time is released again if changed the prince, that gives him a alter ego The Dark Prince.

The graphics are maybe slightly better then the last game, its has some great views (though not as stunning as PoP2), but still got the wow factor like the roof tops, you can see very far, enemies about the background has the tower very far into the distance and its looks great when looking down to the floor this high up(makes you think, did i really get all the way up here?). The bosses, areas, the enemies, the prince, all have good detail to them. The game begins with a cut-scene which is one of the best looking and exciting ones around (shame there's only a few cut-scenes in the game)but back to the intro now: your on a boat with Kaileena on your way home very happy when you come around a rock corner when you see you city of babylon in smoke and fire along with other boats sinking. Then your spotted and attack with hundreds of fire arrows and finished with a rock taking out your boat, splitting up both up and the games starts.(a must see intro)

Music is as good as it was with the previous persia game which adds to the atmosphere of the adventure and the fighting too. The sounds are also good with swords battling it out. The voices are mostly good though out from the bosses and the enemies shouting out orders to attack but the prince has a more comedy lines in the game which is silly and does not suit him or even the game.

This is still excellent from when they changed it free form fighting from warrior within. jumping and vaulting over enemies is done with x button Square and triangle will use left or right hand weapon and will perform many different combos. The powers are uses by pressing or hold the shoulder buttons. When in control of the dark prince he uses only 1 weapon, the daggertail (a long chain with blades all along it.) which extends from he arm but not only is it a weapon it can be uses as a tool for example it can be use to pull blocks or attach around lamps or bars to swing extra distance. Also new is the chariot scenes, its responds well and is fun to do. There is 2 or 3 times you do this in the game and slow-mo and rewind time can be uses for those those that need that extra help.

The gameplay is a mix of sword fighting and puzzles. Stealth kills has now been added to the fight gameplay aspect which involves you moving slow behind enemies and ones close enough you time and press attack button at the right point which is indicated by a glow of your knife, timing it wrong will result in them counter-attack you and you must then fight. As you grow stronger in the game these stealth kills do get better which shows some great animation off. There's other stealth kills which can be done from above or off wall runs and my favorite is a double kill which is when 2 enemies are close together and you stab one in the back then jump of on the the next one stab him to flip back to flip back to finish of the first and then the second as well, this is a real good wow feeling when done.

You have all the moves from pop2 like wall running, dodging traps, swinging on poles, bars and robes. This is all part of the puzzle from get from point 2 point and there real puzzles as well. New moves now involve the flip boards that are on walls when pressed jump will give you a catapult type through at a angle which can be used for many things. Metal plates are also around on walls and as you get there press square for attack when then stabs your dagger into the it, which then other moves can follow like jumping up, or an extra wall jump plus other times.

lots of points through the game you come across a solider leader that can call for back up so its best to use a stealth kill or be prepared for a fight. All this is great but ones gets hard or just plane annoying is when as the dark prince your life continues to drop (like the sand wrath from pop2) and take you must kill as fast as possible which refills your life but when there no enemies about just a bit of a puzzling point 2 point play, will find you just die when run out of life as you trying to work out were to go. But ones you worked it out you must then be fast and get to a point were there's water (that will came down the prince and turn him to normal as fire or any angry feelings will awake the dark side of him)or even some pots with sands in them.

There's not so much replay value this time around, two main reasons not to play is unlike PoP2 there's only one second hand weapon of each type like a axe, dagger, sword and so on. Main weapons are 't so great, starting with a basic dagger then you get the sands of time dagger quite soon and near the end you get a cool light glowing sword which was the princes fathers sword. There are some cheats unlocked when completed on different game settings and all the game arts can be unlocked by playing it through ones.

Thought there's stealth kills, more moves and some great boss battles, i would say buy the previous pop game (Warrior With), though fans of prince of persia should still get this or maybe rent.


Graphics, Some stunning levels, good detail but only a little improvement over PoP2.

Sound/Music, Great as was it before. But prince don't feel like a hero as much with some comedy lines.
Controls, Great free-form fighting again, chariot is feels solid and good stealth.
Gameplay, Better bosses, more moves but the dark prince parts play poorly.
Replay Value, They taken away many weapons and only 3 main weapons.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 20/01/06

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