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Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within

Memory Usage
Action Adventure
Ubi Soft
Ubi Soft
105KB Minimum
December 2004

There's A Warrior Within The Prince!

Review Date: 14/01/04

The story is of the prince trying the change his fate as in the last game his re-winded time so that the sands of time was never open, which then stopped the evil curse. But by doing that a unstoppable beasts called Dahaka is hunting him for cheating death. So as the prince you find out that there are time portals that can take you back to the past, which his thinks from there he can stop the creation of the sands and stop the dahaka hunting him.

The graphics like the last PoP game was great, PoP2 has improved on that making it one of the best graphics game about. Lots of detail has going into it again like water, light in effects, dust from very old walls.

The Sound is great and the music is excellent and interesting playing asian-persia music mixed with a bit horror feel of rock to it which makes fights more fun and amazing.

The controls are perfect and the use of powers and combos are easy to use, those that have not played SoT may take a little time to get used to it.

You go thought the game doing puzzles from time-traveling past to present, getting in to some boss battles and been chased by the Dahaka. The areas are massive and you have to work your way up, down, around to get to doors, switches or whatever by wall running, climbing, swinging and many more of the acrobatic moves that the prince can do.

In between these massive puzzle room there are different enemies which you fight. The fighting has been improved allot from the last game where as you could do a few move of walls and with your main weapon and using the dagger for kills, where as in this there tons of move you can do which Ubi Soft call it Free Form Fighting. You can pick up weapons of dead enemies or do a steal kill and use it for lots of different combos. Plus there are moves which you can do from grabs or running up and over a enemies like throwing your second weapon, slicing heads or bodies in half and much more. Where as in SOT you had to do the final kill with a special dagger, you can use any weapon now as you have the power in a emblem in your armor.

The powers are all most the same as SoT, from slow-mo(used for fasted moving/timed traps and can be used for fighting too) reverse-time (used for when you die from traps or in fighting) slow-mo2(only for attacking, time moves slow but you can do lighting attack moves) then there a Rage attack(used for hurting several enemies at ones) plus 2 more higher levels of that for more damage.

Gameplay has more bigger and better puzzles, lots of moves plus lots of different 2nd weapons to find in classes of daggers, swords, axes, maces and 5 special hidden weapons and the main weapons of course which you get as you progress. Boss battles add to gameplay too.

Replay value is very high with a second ending to get, plus all the weapons and chests to find with artwork of enemies and environments.


Graphics, Amazing rendered graphics again, one of the best around. Stunning Environments.

Sound/Music, Excellent sound and music adds to fights.
Controls, Very good, Beginners of PoP may need some time.
Gameplay, Excellent, much improved free form fighting, and now with bosses and better puzzles.
Replay Value, Lots of 2nd weapons, unlockable artworks and a 2nd ending too.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 14/01/04

2 Desktop Wallpapers Available

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