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Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time

Memory Usage
Action Adventure
Ubi Soft
Ubi Soft
November 2003

The Time of The Sands

Review Date: 26/09/04

In Prince of Persia you get to play the prince but he's a warrior as well. As the game begins there's a big war going on and you have been ordered by your father to find the magical dagger which lets you control time with it and the owner of this will win the war. So you set off to find it which you find on the first level(The fun now begins)but this then unleashes a big evil. By taking this dagger you turn all the dead into the undead but there fast and very stronger and can only be killed with the dagger unlike zombies or anything.

The Areas are very shiny with great light effects and very big too. Graphics where the best about in 2003 and still beats most of the games now a year later.The music is perfect for the game, the controls are easy to get used too. The areas are so big you think how the hell am i going to do this puzzle which some are easy but there a lot off them are hard to work out and do.

So thought the game your trying to find a why to stop this evil forever. The dagger lets the owner of it stop, slow-down and rewind time. So when ever you die with one click of the button you rewind time and then you get to change what you did wrong from being killed my enemies, traps or just falling off a cliff. Don't think that it just puts you back to the jump, it rewinds every move and step in reverse. The other stuff you can do is slow down time so you have time to run under a timed door or stop time to do big combos on multiple enemies. The prince him self is very quick and cool with his moves from running along the walls, to jumping off walls and enemies in attack with his Sword and then use dagger for the final blow.

There is very little replay value as there is no unlockables, apart from a the original retro prince of persia game and a 3d level of the first level of that but which Ubi Soft did not finished. (which you need a cheat for)

Buy it now for a tester before prince of persia 2: warrior, out in Nov-Dec 2004.


Graphics, Still pretty good looking games after almost a year later.

Sound/Music, Excellent voice work and music too.
Controls, Easy to fight and at the same time control time together.
Gameplay, Very fun, lots of moves, great puzzles and never seen before control of time.
Replay Value, Unlock the full original game and 1 level with a cheat.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 26/09/04

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