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Project: Snowblind

Memory Usage
First Person Shooter
Crystal Dynamics
March 2005

Just As Blind As The Snow!!!

Review Date: 13/01/06

You play as Lt. Nathan Frost, a regular grunt until he gets injured trying to save his friend and must have emergence surgery which they also implanted enhancements which gives you extra-normal abilities. The story is you the hard human cyber type person are sent on missions some with help of other regular solider's to fight in a war and try to stop a massive EMP going off to put to hole world back to the ice age.

The graphics are pretty poor really, there's not much detail on the characters faces and no levels that jump out and makes you think wow, some levels are good and fun but not stunning when it comes to graphics. The animation is ok, no think special. Only the explosions comes to mind that are pretty good.

Same with the graphics not much stands out, music is ok but no thing great that adds to the atmosphere of the game like others do so well. Sound is good from bullets, explosions, friendly shouting out orders plus the noise of the planes and robots. Voice acting could of been a lot better as at times its boring listing to them talk.

Can be confusing at times, you have the left to change your special powers, right to change your throwing item, then up and down for weapons. There's 2 fire buttons for each guns which is R1 and R2. Melee punch with L3 and when things get a bit overwhelming you can press and hold L2 which is a quick pause which you can change weapons, powers and grenades with out the problem of being shot or killed. Also snowblind lets you control some vehicles like cars or mech type robots small and large. Some which has weapons too but the controlling of it, is very poor, you end up hitting walls or objects plus there's slides you can do.

Its many shooting everyone and getting to the end of the level but there are also some computers that you must get to, to do stuff like shutting down s.a.m.s, opening doors, turning off laser beans and other things. But not all can be use normal so using the icepick similarly to splinter cell u can access it from a few meters away. All weapons have a second fire , sniper has a burst fire, pistol has an explosion bullet, the shotgun has a multi shot mine and many more. Others weapons also included emp gun, railgun, rocket launcher. mine thrower and much more. What comes with being a enhanced is powers which uses energy which are a shield, Vision (a scan that picks up enemies easer and is also a night vision too), slow-mo, cloak (invisible, very good for some levels with lots of enemies) lighting (shots from hand that damages anyone in your way) and a few more.

Has 16 levels but replay is very poor, there's a few different routes on some level but don't make much difference. There's no unlockables or rates for any levels so there's no need to play better with higher accuracy. One of the most important for FPS is mutilplayer which again does not have, no co-op. No thing, well of course there's online play but now being a bit old and have many better online FPS games out that there is no one playing this game online.

Only think about getting this game if you have already played every other FPS out and that you get it very cheap too.


Graphics, Very basic, no thing special.

Sound/Music, Ok sound, could of done with much better music and voice acting.
Controls, Good controls, sometimes confusing but poor car controls.
Gameplay, Good at times but nothing new, last few levels are better.
Replay Value, Very poor, a game you play only once.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 13/01/06

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