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Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Memory Usage
3rd Person Action
110KB Minimum
Ocotober 2004

I will take your thoughs away, with my mind!

Review Date: 24/01/04

In Psi-ops you take control of Nick Scryer, The government block some of your memory so you can get in to the enemies group called the movement with out them know you have powers. You get captured and this double agent called Sara blake helps you out, as you progress though the game you remember your powers(which takes you back to when you was training) The powers you get are telekinesis for moving objects and also though people about. Fire, Mind Drain, Mind Control, Remote Viewing to look about out of your body and Aura View to see thing that are hidden or that are in a different world.

The graphics are pretty good, nice blood effects, fire and explosions and not to bad face features.

The music is good, but could of added some more songs. Sound and voice acting is great, from gun fire, items smacking and braking, the people say different things which some of them are funny.

The controls are excellent, very easy to use and the powers can be use straight after another or together as each powers uses a different button, there's no menu to go thought to select you powers to make it fast and easy to use not like in second sight.

The gameplay is amazing from so many ways to get through each room with uses of the powers. a few e.g: 1)you can you remote viewing to look at head and then sneak up and knock them out. 2) you could that control of an enemies then use he to kill the rest of them then kill him too. 3) you could throw them about, pick up boxes, pipes, exploding cans and throw them at them. 4) just going in guns blazing. 5) uses your fire to set the soldiers a light or hit a barrel to exploded it. 6) you a combo of guns throwing, fire and lots of other thing that you can think of. Plus there's bosses that you will have to use all your powers and wit to take them down.

The replay is very high with the mass amount of chooses you have in each level and room. There's a 2 player co-op mode which is a bit weird and can be played without unlocking it first. In co-op you both play as nick, where as P1 moves, use items, melee attack and where as P2 control all the powers and the shooting. At first it can be difficult as P1 has to aim for P2 to use throwing and shooting. But after a few levels it gets easier and also is fun too.

There's lots to unlock for extra replay value with unlockable levels, cheats, skins, artwork and you can fight any boss at the extra menu too. There's a training room too where you can unlimited life and you can use the powers that you have got in the game and have lots of fun and practice and you can have enemies places in the room too. This training room you be spending hours in here. The more imaginative you are the longer time you spend in here plus have the most fun.

Psi-ops is a you should buy game if you like games that are original or different.


Graphics, Very good graphics.

Sound/Music, Great sound and voices, plus has the song With My Mind by Cold.
Controls, Very simply and easy to use.
Gameplay, Great powers, Guns, some stealth and boss battles.
Replay Value, Lots to unlock, hours of fun in training room, and a 2 player co-op.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 24/01/04

2 Desktop Wallpapers Available

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