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Red Dead Revolver

Memory Usage
3rd Person Action
96KB Minimum
June 2004

He's Red But He's Not Dead.

Review Date: 18/03/05

The story starts of when red harlow(main character) is a young boy and his dad comes home, with lots of gold and lets u try out your new gun, so u have a little training practice down by the river, and as you do your home gets raided by bandits. so you now must run by and help your dad to defend your home and family. but both your parents gets killed and the house burned down. Then the story continues after you are older, now as a great bounty hunter you progress though levels collecting your bounty money and hopefully find out who killed your parents and get revenge.

Although the graphics are not the greatest it has good detail on people as well as building and the surroundings. But the grainy, dusts looked fits perfectly well with the wild west. Plus Rockstar has gave the cut scenes a bit fizzy look to it so it look and feels like its a old classic film that's been recorded with old technology cameras.

The sound of the guns are great, with lots of characters you meet all are different story's and has great voice acting. The music really adds to the feel and atmosphere of the game. The music is just like the one's you hear from the old western movies.

The controls are very easy to use, weapons can be change quickly, ducking, good aim and a button for a slow-mo shooting where you can shoot all your bullets in your revolver quickly (called dead-aim,Lets you aim for vital parts), can also so be used with rifles or shotguns too. Only down side is riding the horse, as its hard to control and slow down, plus at time you also have to shoot when riding, although you don't have to ride as its optionally apart from when you chase a train when on horseback.

There's lots of different areas and mission to do from, woods, mountains, train tracks, caves and more. Some of the mission involve escaping prisons, taking out al bandits in a town, killing bosses, defend a train and lots more. There's are a few levels where you can ride a animals, like the range there's bulls, buffalos and houses later on. There are also a few other characters which you use ones each in the main game. Most of the levels are very short (mainly at the beginning of the game) but there are lots of levels to go though. Apart from dead aim, that can kill lots of enemies at ones or help in boss fight there's also dueling. Fans of western film will known about this, which is where you both stand a few meters apart. The fastest one to draw the gun and shoots wins. The aim changes colors from yellow, red and dark red to tell you if you hit or not. You will need some practice to get good at this as you will need to be dueling with up to 3 at a time plus near the end off the game the though people are very, very fast. Any bounty's you get can be spent on any number of things such as levels, extra characters for multiplayer, new weapons and also upgrades for them. Plus more heath and dead-aim slots which will only be used in the main game.

Ones completed you unlock a challenge mode which can then unlock more stuff as cheats, levels and so on. Completing the game will also give you the best revolver in the game which is also better than any rifle too. Multiplayer can be up to 4 players, 2 modes dueling and death match with teams or not. Options can be changed to have powers up on. The multiplayer levels can be a bit small although only 4 players can be on at ones (4 players of cpu or humans) but with about 100 characters to use with almost all have different specials instead of the dead-aim.

Buy if you like westerns or something different. Great for one player but its best to look elsewhere for a great multiplayer game.


Graphics, Good detailed people and some very nice looking levels and areas.

Sound/Music, Very good western music and great voices too.
Controls, Easy enough to use. Horses can be hard to control.
Gameplay, Very good gameplay, with horse riding, great weapons and amazing slow-mo shooting.
Replay Value, Characters, cheats, challenge mode and more to unlock. multiplayer modes for 1-4.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 18/03/05

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