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Resident Evil 4

Memory Usage
Action Adventure
127KB Minimum
November 2005

Capcom Residents Return 4 Evil.

Review Date: 05/01/06

You start the game being sent to a small Spanish village, to look for Presidentís daughter who has been kidnapped. Playing the lead character leon now a U.S. agent back from the resident 2 game.

Resident evil games has always been against zombies, but here you fight against spanish monks thats being controled by the master. Also the prevuios games has been Survival/Horror with some changling puzzles but here its more action based with any puzzles you come to is very easy.

The graphics are stunningly detailed. You may see a very small different co-paired to the gamecube but saying that Resident Evil 4 is one of the best looking games on the ps2. The first thing you will see is a wooded area with fog, bit creepy is it. Crows you also see on a few branches and also a little cable house in the distance. As well as that you will notice that leans hair moves as he walks and the wind blowing his hair as to with his cloths. Many characters and all enemies are very closely detailed. As you expect with great graphics like this there are amazing looking levels and background scenes.The animation is also what capcom has done great, with the new manual aiming, enemies will react the that part getting hit, like the arm being through back, or a leg shot will react by falling to there knees, they drop there weapon if shot in the hand or arm and much more real like reacts.

Music, that its not that rememberable its fits in perfect still ether in scenes or when its being accompanied with a group of angry spanish locals, the music just really add to the games atmosphere as well as the sounds of the locals shouting spanish words at you or calling for extra people to attack. the guns sounds are all feeling real and other real fiction actions like running through mud, water, on metal. the voice acting is all very good too throughout from many characters, bosses and even the spanish speaking local can be scary too.

The controls have been redone but still you move the same and square button makes you run and when pressed with back it spins you 180. You now have full control over shooting when pressed R1, ready's you gun which then with the analogue you can aim at any part of the body with the laser-sighting that all guns have. Pressing L1 ready's your knife which can be used to brake boxes, saving you ammo as well as attack enemies that are too close or that has fallen to the floor. Many weapon still needs to be changed on the inventory screen which is a shame as you do this a lot. There's also an new action button (X) which is used for many cool moves like diving through windows for quick escape, kicking down or putting up a ladder, kicking enemies when there close and stunned and others. With Resident Evil 4 uses a new camera angle called over the shoulder, there is some control over the angle using the Analogue to see around.

Gameplay is a lot more varied and fun at the same time scary, with the new camera angle giving you less too see around you, manual aiming, new action moves that comes with leon now bean a tough hard-man U.S. agent. One other this to mention that is being used in new games like mgs3 and the new tomb raider, is interactive cut-scenes. In RE4 you may at times need to quickly press ether L1+R1 or square+X together (it sometimes changed's) in the cut-scenes when being attacking which will ether end in you dodging or have you a nice but bad cut-scene death. There's a lot more bosses that every bit as scary as it is fun to play. Another great new feature is now weapons are now bought not found from a deal. Selling unwanted items like gems or grenades or ammo that u don't have the weapon for, can be spend on newer weapons that get unlocked as you progress though the game as well as upgrades that improve gun stats like damage, shooting or reloading speed and capacity. As with all previous RE games there are puzzles, but here it won't puzzle you for to long as they made this one into more of a action game.

Replay value is much high then other Resident Evil games, with upgradable weapons that range from pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, uzi's, 3 types of grenades, magnums and a single rocket launcher plus a few others to unlock by completing game. Completing it also unlocked 2 ada missions, that are about 4 hours and 8 hours plus the about 16 hours main game. there's a few different clothes to unlock. A great return from re3: nemesis, mercenary mode. Different in a better way, there are 4 levels which by getting a high score unlocked a character on each to play on this mode. All have different weapons (some not in main game) and different stun attack. In this mode you most stay alive of course and kill as many enemies in the time you have. There's bonus time to collect as well as bonus score multiplier for kills.

A must have game for any PS2 owner, which has extra content than the gamecube version.


Graphics, One of the best stunning games on the ps2.

Sound/Music, Perfect sound music and the voices, all adds to the atmosphere.
Controls, Improved over other RE games, great manual aiming.
Gameplay, Great, fun, scary action game.
Replay Value, lots to unlocked, plus extra contents then gamecube.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 05/01/06

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