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Rogue Ops

Memory Usage
Stealth Action
Bits Studio
February 2004

A Rogue To Forget.

Review Date: 29/03/05

You play as a female called Nikki Connors and you have to work as a solo stealth agent to stop terrorists.

The graphics are ok, but there's way better games out there and the ps2 can do a lot better than this game. The people look very poor, the hair looks unreal and it looks solid where as it should be more movement or as in this case some movement at all.

The sound and the voices are ok, there are some good music but also some that are dull and boring that do anything but add to the atmosphere and play of the game.

Controls are basically the same as other action games. Only thing that's new is that you can hold triangle for the map(looks just like the mgs2 map with the cone of sight too of the men) to enlarge with out going into a menu.

Most of the gameplay is copyed from Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell and other games. You have a hide meter for when in shadows that don't work well at all, climbing up poles and other moves can be also seen in splitter cell. There's hiding in or putting in dead body's in cupboards like seen in MGS. Lots of the gadgets have been seen before, apart from some like the fly cam, that is very small and can be used to get in small arena and also has a hacking tool. You can pick pocket enemies and do special attacks if you sneak up on them, where you have to press the right directions before the time runs out to do a kill. Although she have lots of special attack moves, you don't get to choose which to do and most of the time you end up seeing the same moves over and over again. One other thing that just not help and gets annoying is that when you run out of ammo there's no other attacks like punch, kick or using a knife so you end up getting stuck or restarting the level and try to be more careful.

Replay value is barely anything there as theirs no unlockables at all, no 2 player and with a poor gameplay you be happy there's only 8 missions. As if the game when on any longer you may end up killing yourself.

Stay away from this game and get splinter cell for you stealth or metal gear solid with more action aswell.


Graphics, Nothing special, dull looking characters.

Sound/Music, Ok sound, music can be boring at times.
Controls, Basic simple controls, same as any other standard game.
Gameplay, Lots copyed from games like MGS and Splinter Cell. But done very badly.
Replay Value, No real reason to replay game, nothing to unlock.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 29/03/05

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