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Second sight

Memory Usage
Stealth Action Adventure
Free Radical Design
158KB Minimum
September 2004

You Have A Second Sight??? Then Use It!

Review Date: 11/06/06

The Developer, Free Radical Design was founded in 1999 by a few ex employers that worked for Rare that developed 007 Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64. Up to now Free Radical Design are the creators of the award winning Timespiltters series which was released in 2000 on the PS2 and then followed to more sequels that was released for the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. They also released this game Second sight in 2004 which Iím now reviewing and there current project is a game called Haze dew to be released in 2007 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

The story follows you John Vattic, who wakes up in a medical facility with no memory at all and feeling very weak you somehow escape the locked room and as you try and find out whatís happening, you start to recover you psychic powers like telekinesis, healing, psi attack and many more. As you are trying to find out whatís happening, you get flashbacks of your memories (or so it seems), 6 months ago at a military facility where you have been sent for a special mission with a team called WinterICE. As you play levels in each time line you piece together the answers and final find out the truth in the end.

The graphics are along the same lines as in there Timesplitters games, where as the characters have a cool cartoony colorfully look to them but not to be confused with cell shading as its not. There is nothing that I recall that really stands out as excellent but overall everything is very good with nice details though out the game.

There is a good atmosphere the music adds in the game and also the sound is well done from the usually gun firing and objects breaking or rolling around. Keeping in tune with the Timesplitters games series it has its fair amount of comedy elements starting from very near the beginning were you check a computer of one of the guards you just killed what using to find that he was in a chatroom talking to his wife, which she then continues to ask where he is once his dead. Later on in an agency building there are two men in black looking people who are playing I-Spy which is quite funny to listen too. There are many other moments through the game like this which include when you grab a guard. Along with this the storyline script is very good and all of the characters are clear which makes it easy to follow.

The controls are ok for the slow moving stealth type of play but you canít help to compare to another similar game called Psi-Ops for those who have played. As here you have to select your power with the left and right d-pad, which then the R2 is to use it and does feel a bit slow and annoying at times if you want to switch back and forth a few powers. So you would think it be better if they made the controls more similar to Psi-ops where you have each power assigned to a different button, which then makes the gameplay more action paced and easer to combined you powers.

Along with that you canít use guns at the same time, but saying that the controller setup is pretty easy to use. The L2 is to lock and aim gun where as R2 is for fire and to use power once selected. You can also duck with the square button and stealth along side a wall with R1 which is great for peaking around corners or shooting over the top of short walls. Although the view is in a 3rd person you can also press triangle to go to a fixed view position which I never really used but can sometimes help to see what around.

The psychic abilities are as follows and what they are used for:

TELEKINESIS- This is the most know one which you should of seen a film, which is the power to move and control things with your mind. So like switches that are behind windows and doors you can not get to can me moved as well as throwing weapons towards you or throwing objects at enemies.

HEALING- With this power you can full heal yourself if you got a full bar of psi power and if you lock onto team members you can also heal them.

CHARM- This is you most important stealth tool as its lets you go totally invisible and walk right past others but beware cameras can pick you up as they use heat vision.

PSI BLAST- This power lets you attack by throwing energy blast at a single enemy and also a 2nd attack that blasts everyone around you but using double the power.

PROJECTION- This lets your sprit leave your body for you to look ahead and not be seen. Cameras cant pick you up, as well as laser shield will not stop you and youíre also free to press buttons/leavers. A bonus to this ability later on lets you possess others from which you can attack using there gun and body.
Second sight is more of a stealth game than action like the Psi-ops games. Although you can go in guns blazing you probably get killed apart from the flashback missions where you just mostly using guns. Manly your using stealth, even at times when not I found that I was not using all the psi powers as most of the time I found I did not need them. As I used healing at because of damage and also charm as its best for stealth I found the others was just wasted.

What I liked about the game was when you found a computer you could click it and use it like a real pc, where as once you know the password you could log in and depending on that current pc you could check the companyís emails, go into files and open up programs.
There was one bit I found very cool although I was stuck on it for some time was you could download a attachment from a email which you then had to insert a cd that you have found to copy the file over, which you then had to find another pc which had the program to play the video of the cd you had.

It doesnít really take long to complete, about a week or two. Thereís only 2 difficulty settings which is easy and challenging and the only unlockables in any of them if you can find them are a few hidden arcade classical games that includes Earth Impact and X Space '92.

This is still a great game but because of the very low reply-value its best to buy it cheap from eBay or if possibly rent it.



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Review Date: 11/06/06

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