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Shadow Of The Colossus

Memory Usage
Action Adventure
320KB Minimum
February 2006

Shadow Of The Colossus Or The Light Of The Sword?

Review Date: 05/04/06
Exclusive to the Ps2 from the makers of ICO comes an extraordinary game called Shadow Of The Colossus. You play as a boy/young man called Wanda that has traveled very far on his horse, Agro. He arrives to this strange forbidden land to see if the legends are true, that he can save his loved one by returning her sole that was taken from by an curse. In the temple, a voice specks from the heavens, that says with the ancient sword you are carrying can be used to save her and that the land have these's incarnated idols that are roaming the area as massive huge beasts. The weapon, the only weapon that can kill them is your sword, so one by one of you go to kill the 16 colossi to gain there unimaginable power to resurrect lost souls.

The graphics are stunning that you travel on horseback across seamless miles of an ancient land, the landscapes go on and on with no loading times at all. Exploring this land you will find waterfalls that go down into the rippling lakes, seas and oceans Dusty deserts with dazzling sun light shinny all around and shadowy areas along side huge rocky cliffs to dark gloomy narrow paths taken you to caves. The best looking place, if you were remember the wooded area in metal gear solid 3 and the LOTR films are the many tall trees blocking the light out apart from some beams of light coming though on a leafy and muddy ground that looks so real and striking is one of the best looking scenes to hit the playstation 2. The colossi is what's it all about also has incredible detail and staggering size that are made from flesh, bone, metal and stone, so from afar you just think its a mounting or a tower until it stands up at starts moving towards you.

The animation of the horse is also important to mention, where in Red Dead Revolver the horses are good and great in Gun but compared to Agro the horse in this game it is remarkable. The horses hair and tail blows widely in the wind and then there's the jumps, if you heading right of the edge Agro will quick turn to save both of you from a dangerous high flying death thanks to the AI they put into the horse. When you do get him to jump non threading jumps but still dangerous he will collapse to the ground and will have a limping leg.

There no load over the top rock music or anything like that but calm music that flows through out the game. When entering the battles the music does smoothly change into a more pumped up feel that adds the the atmosphere of the gameplay and again when you finally get onto each of the colossi, which is a more of a accomplishment tune. The sound is even more spectacular for example, the first colossi as you climb up the mountain, it fades into a cut-scene and the screen shakes and the trees tremble as if there were thunder with the foot of the giant beast steps in and walks across. There's more too from the whirl of the wind and the whimpering howl as you inflict the final blow into the colossi.

There's not much talking in the game, not that it needs it but its in an ancient language which is spoken by gods and Wanda your character and is accompanied by the subtitles.

The controls is very simply to use as there not several actions to do. The X button will call or shout out for Agro your horse to come towards you, Triangle is used for jump or to climb upon your horse. O will raise your sword for light to shinny of which will show you the direction of the next colossi. Square is for stab, attack and fire where as d-pad changes your sword for a bow and arrow. L1 is for lock the view on the enemies and R2 for zoom then finally R1 that probably the most used for grabbing and holding on to cliffs, ivy and the colossi itself.

Controlling the horse can be difficult at times, sometimes which is because of the view though it can be changed with the right analogue. Ones on X will make it move and pressing is more will increase the galloping speed, pressing left or right will turn the horse and pulling back will halt to a stop. As well as controlling the horse you can still fire arrows and even stand up on the horse when riding or not by pressing X, forward and R1, from here you can now jump of getting to higher ledges.

The gameplay is simply but sensational that you must have to think logical as its very well-thought-out the way you most kill each colossi. You start of by the gods giving you a few clues of what to expect, from there you must hold up your sword where of coarse there is sun light to reflect off to give you the direction of where to go, getting on your horse you travel off where you may have to do some climbing to get to the point. At the area of the colossi, they wake up to you and defend/attack you for disturbing them. As each one stamps, slices, fires at you and walks, runs, fly's or swims about as each one has different personal nature you must figure a way of getting on and killing it.

The arrows however do hurt them but not enough and is really only used to get there attention and anger them, so you can get on them, others you must jump down from high up to land on them, plus many other way like tricking them, attacking weak points first or even using the terrain around you. As each colossi is like a moving platform its a fun climbing up them, they are made out of rough rocks or bone that you can not grab onto, but there are some that are like ledges for you to climb or even a part that is hairy for you to hold and climb up but as you have a grip icon that decrease when holding on you will need to rest at points on the colossi.

Though most of there colossi attacks are when you are on the ground, he's pretty weak when you are on top and can only swing, lean and turn to try and through you off. Though very enormous and terrifying you do feel cruel, heartless and brutal when killing many of them as they were minding there own business and not hurting anyone.

Ones killed the colossi will collapse over with there sprit released into you, which in turn returned you back the the castle and you then carry on to the next one.

My save was of 9 hours when i completed it, so its quite a short game though at times i did not save it when figuring out how to get up on to the colossi. In a way its like a puzzle it can take you long time (like with me about 2 and half hours on boss 4), but ones you know how it can only take 5,10, 15 min's or so to kill. The gods do give speck out after a time giving you some hints that can be clear as daylight or just as confusing. Ones completed you unlock hard mode and time mode, plus you can revisit any colossi you have killed why all playing the first time and pray which lets you replay the battle again but in a grainy effect as if you were looking back in your memory. As the bosses go up in difficulty, you need to improve by killing of normal lizards that are usually around the save points that can gain you more grip which also stands as your strength. Then there's fruit hanging from some trees that will maximize your health, even though it regains but you still need it.

As this game is very short and so may find it boring, you should enough rent/lend it, buy it cheap or you a person that would love this game and would replay it many time. There's a demo out, so try it to see if you will hate it or love it (like me).


Graphics, Gorgeous open world with extraordinary beasts and incredible animation

Sound/Music, Flowing music that changes though the battles.
Controls, Simply but camera and the horse can be difficult.
Gameplay, Fabulous and original gameplay.
Replay Value, Very short game with not much to unlock but worth buying still.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 05/04/06

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