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Shellshock Nam'67

Memory Usage
3rd Person Shooter
Guerrilla Games
200KB Minimum
September 2004

Its A Shellshocking Gruesome Bloody War!!!

Review Date: 04/10/04

At the start of the game, your a rookie and as you progress you turn in to a hard as nails special forces solider. First of all you can choose out of 3 men which there is no different in skill and then the war begins to kill some VC's.

The graphics are all most prefect, Nice looking trees and grass. The people faces looks real. This is a bloody and gory game that is the horror of Vietnam, with any powerful weapons you can take out a piece of the enemies from popping there heads off, taking there arms and legs off. If that's not good enough then take a grenade or shot a rocket into a group of enemies and there be blown to kingdom come, hundreds of pieces here and there. Other horror like things are heads on poles, spike pits, hanging man and tortured solider's and villagers.

There are sound good songs although most of them are played at the base camp in between levels where you can change guns and buy some items. Sound is very good from the lots of loud gun firing and bombs from air attacks.

The Controls are mostly like any other 3rd person shooter game, the square button does a quick change from gun to grenade and back, you can also peer out from behind cover to shot and also can pick up weapons in the game from other dead soliders.

The gameplay is very fun, can be very hard at times. the level are all different from stealth missions, saving people, defending a fort, taking out AA guns and all out team fire fight.

Replay value has some postcards to unlock and harder difficultly modes plus silver and gold stars to win for performance after the missions. But 2 player would of been nice. A great game in all.

A must buy game for any Vietnam fans or for those that like blood and gory gamers.


Graphics, Excellent Graphics, nice fire and bloody kills. Looks and feels like a real war.

Sound/Music, Very good voices, great sound and some nice music too.
Controls, Very easy to use and one of the best control setup. Plus a custom setup.
Gameplay, Different levels, great war film tie-in and definitely fun. Lots of weapons.
Replay Value, 11 levels, more fun on harder difficultly, but there is no 2 player mode.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 04/10/04

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