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Metal Gear Soild 3: Snake Eater

Memory Usage
Stealth Action
90KB Minimum
March 2005

It's A Jungle Out There!!!

Review Date: 25/03/05

Metal Gear Solid 3 is a pre-equal which means that's its a sequel but is set in before the last one. You play as Naked Snake the father of solid Snake in the year 1964 and your mission is to rescue a scientist name Sokolov who is being made to make a metal gear tank that can fire a nuclear rocket on any terrain. You do get him but he gets taken again by the russian terror group called the cobra unit. So the new mission beginnings where you now have to re-rescue Sokolov, kill the unit and destroy the tank.

The graphics are so unbelievable amazing, the jungle that is the new setting is so life like with not only real liking but has wildlife everywhere, from snakes, fish, rabbit, birds and loads more too plus other stuff to eat like mushrooms and rations. All of them move, run and some also attack. The huts and building are amazing and some are also massive. Then there's the characters, so details you may think its a film, close up you can see everything from the lines on there lips or skin to the eyes blinking.

Sound is stunning too from guns, animals moving or making sounds can all be herd perfectly fine. Voice acting is spot on and the music which makes the gameplay and atmosphere enough better which is done my Harry Gregson-Williams for doing James Bond 007and others like Shrek, Armageddon and The Rock. The music is similarly to 007 music plus the intro is done like a James bond film too which also don't happens until the first short mission.

The controls are mostly the same as MGS 1 and 2 where you still have the very useful quick change plus now you use the stick for movement and the standard directions for sneaking which really helps but the right stick can be used to move about the view and L3 to lock it.

The gameplay is now more stealth with now using camouflage to hind, mean with the right camo on you can standing in front of a enemies with out being seen. Other elements are now you will get burned, cut, brake your leg or arm, venom poisoning and more which you now have to go to a cure menu which from there you use, splints, bandages and more for you to heal or self. As its now set in the 60s meaning that you now use a sonar and a motion scanner. So you will now have to be more careful as the scanners are different from the previous game where they shows the map and the enemies position and cone of sight on a map in the corner and it does not now. You may think it will make it bad to play but its much better than just looking to the side of the screen. There's a simple map on the pause menu that you may need now and again. Food will have to be killed or captured and eaten to keep up your stamina as with this low, you heal slower, have a bad aim and other effects. You where as i too may end up playing for hours just trying to find all the different animals and info on them(using the earpiece phone to talk to the medic and them). The only let down on the gameplay is the camera view which is still from above, which means that you cans see if enemies or others things that are in front. Using the stick to change the view helps but you will still need to go into first person view to see what's around you and up ahead a lot. A never seen before feature is that you can now interactive with cut scenes from zooming in moving the view around plus at time you can press and hold R1 to look out of Snakes eyes and have a first person look in the cut scenes.

With a great film like story and game you be re-playing lots as its so great, plus there's lots of camouflage to find plus ones of the bosses. Snake vs Monkey mode, dual, demo theater and much more to find and do, so replay value is good.

Fans of Stealth or action should defiantly get this game. Its the best MGS and is way ahead of other games.


Graphics, Stunning jungles, wildlife, details characters, Up there with the best like GT4.

Sound/Music, Great voices, great sound amazing music composed by Harry Gregson-Williams.
Controls, Basically the same as MGS2, improved a bit which gives it perfect controls.
Gameplay, Excellent stealth, action, bosses, but the camera view makes it miss out for a higher score.
Replay Value, Lots of camouflage to get, UK only extra, You becoming back for more every time.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 25/03/05

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