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Socom 3 U.S Navy SEALs

Memory Usage
3rd Person Tactical Shooter
Zipper Interactive
500KB Minimum
April 2006

The U.S Camouflaged Navy Seals!

Review Date: 20/06/06

Zipper Interactive is a small video games developer that was founded in 1995 and is located in Washington, which is know owned by Sony. Known for the very popular Socom series which they have released 3 for the PS2 with a 4th on its way and also one for the PsP, along with Socom they have developed games by the name of Mechwarriors, Crimson Skies and Top Gun.

There's not really a story for the game as most online games just add a single player mode to get some practice. Basically you take control of the leader in a special elite forces, which contains 4 members and to protect America you are send on missions to stop terrorists that takes you across Morocco, Poland, and Bangladesh.

The graphics are pretty neat, with a good amount of detail to the characters making them look and move realistically and also the levels are superb, from the vehicles and buildings down to the grass and stubs in the wooded areas. Using the green seal uniform or even the more advanced camouflage clothing, can made you hidden very well if laying down or kneeling in a well grown grassy area which is cool when enemies walk straight past you without seeing out even the human controlled players online its very hard to spot you.

Although it doesn't compete with the graphics in games like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid and Gran Turismo its still have marvelous graphics that beats many other games, the explosions stand out as great along with the fresh movement flow of the water when running or swimming through it. The cut-scenes though out the single player is of a slightly better quality and is nice to watch of which is small amount to see.

For the music and voices through the game what of it, is good from your team giving and taking orders sounds clear and natural. The actual sound is top notice, from each guns sounding different with its own unique fire, with the low humming noise of the jeeps and tanks. Deafening load bangs from cannon and grenades blowing up makes it feeling like a real war atmosphere. Although not cool to your health when the grenades explodes near you it gives you a deafen effect with the sound slowly blurring back to normal. Other small things adds to the game like sound movement of your feet and the rustle of the bushes as you walk pass down to the quickly whizzing low sound of a bullet from a silenced gun sends you to a fast paced panic to see who's hooting at you.

Although I don't find any real problems with the controls I do think that they could of improved the way you could change your weapons faster. The way they have it is that by pressing the R2 buttons it brings up the weapon list for you to use up and down on the d-pad the choose and then X to select. The one good thing though with the weapons you can set your secondary weapon as anything and then quickly change with the L1 button.

Like in many games you can duck, used with the triangle button but if running and if you hold it down you will dive to the ground which is not only helpful for hidden and shooting but looks cool. Using the right and left on the d-pad will let you look/peek around a corner from which you can still shoot. R3 lets you manual-reload and L3 lets you change the fire mode - great for snipering with an assault rifle.

Throwing a grenade is done with a arced line like in the Splitter Cell games but with the difference being is the button on Socom is pressures sensitive mean if you press it lightly you will throw it short distance but by applying more pressure on the button the arced line will raise for you to throw further. One you got it right you just release your finger of the button and you will throw the grenade very accurately to that spot.

Being a squad leader you can give orders (notice only offline) by pressing the L2 button which then pauses the game when in this menu, lets you give orders to ether the 2nd 2 man squad or the whole team for e.g. like move, follow, hold fire, clear area, breach rooms, and deploy grenades. I have found a few problems with this like when you tell them to follow, they are still standing there and also when deploying grenades they either don't or worse throw it near your team. For those that hate having bad A.I in a game should remember that this game was made for online and the single game is just for practice so you wouldn't get this problem.

The single player as I said is here just for practice as it really a online game but there is still some enjoyment to be had, playing though many different levels like deserts, castles, caves, woods and many more. As all the online levels are based on the single player game, you will get to know them and find some good strategy before heading online for the real action.

One of the great things that makes the game fun is the multiply gun setup which contents over 30 cutting edge weapons and a load of attachments which could lead to hundreds of customizable setups. By taken any main gun you have two attachments from scopes that includes 1time zooms like 4x or 12x, heat-vision and multi scope. Depending on the gun and the first attachment you can add another which could include grenade launchers, silencers, hand grip, stands and others to increase aim. There a choose of 3 pistols and 1 add on from ether a laser sight or silencers and another 2 chooses of weapons that includes normal grenades, high explosives, flash, smoke, C4, mines and many more.

The online maps are very bigger which can play 32 players, to make things easier when there are a small amount of max people the level is made smaller so you will not get boring running around a huge area.

The 7 Online modes are:
SUPPRESSION: This is a pure fire fight think team deathmatch, where the winning team with most kills at the end of the game or if the other side has loss all the members. (Depending if re-spawn is on)

ESCORT: This mode is where the SEALs must get the VIPs to a safe area and the terrorists must kill ether all VIPs or SEALs.

EXTRACTION: Here the SEALs most go in and rescue the hostages and the terrorists must stop them from doing so.

BREACH: Here the SEALs must break into enemy's area with C4 and plant a bomb at there base, were as terrorists must defend and stop the SEALs to win.

DEMOLITON: Both sides must find the bomb and blow up the enemies HQ.

CONVOY: The terrorists most load up their contraband on a truck and drive it out, were as the SEALs must destroy the two trucks or all terrorists.

CONTROL: Each team must plant beacons at control points to will or kill the other side.

As you can see there are many modes to play online and you should find some favorite ones and levels. All modes can be set to re-spawn or not, this is where if you die you can reappear. If it's off believe if or not is better as you play more stealth and with more skill.

If you don't have your PS2 online there's not much point in buying it, but if you are online then this game will last you for a very long time. With at least over 500 players at any one time player on many severs from all over Europe that can holed 256 players in each there will be lots of people to play against. Online also lets you make clans, post messages on a forum, enter surveys and many giving lots to do.

On the offline side of thinks there are 12 intense missions with 5 difficulty settings to play which once completed unlocks extra characters/camouflage and also guns/attachments which then can also be used online as well as offline.

If offline then no unless you really love war games and can get it very cheap. For online play then buy straight away. (If you can get the headset with it as this improves gameplay by working as a team.)



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Review Date: 20/06/06


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