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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Memory Usage
Stealth Action
Ubi Soft
Ubi Soft
April 2005

What Are Those's 3 Green Lights In The Dark???

Review Date: 03/05/05

Splinter Cell 3 once again has players in control of Sam Fisher. Set in 2008, a series of information warfare attacks originate from North Korea. The secret agency, Third Echelon, dispatches Sam on another series of deep-penetration stealth missions. Guide Sam Fisher through a series of stealth missions. Players must master new prototype weapons and a slew of deadly moves including combat knife techniques and the inverted chokehold.

Ones again you play as Sam Fisher a NSA Agent and are trying to stop the beginning of world war 3.

The graphics are stunning as always, its up there with Gran Turismo 4 and Metal Gear Solid 3 in lookings. So you will not be let down by that. Shadows and Lighting effects are superb. Water, rain, reflection every thing looks as real as ever. Every little detail is spot on and the characters are very good and life-like.

As this is an stealth game, there's not much variant in music. Say that its has cool and calm music that fits in perfect. Every little sound can be herd clear from rain drops, walking on metal, faulty lights and much more. The voice acting of cut-scenes and in-game are excellent.

Controls have been improved from what was very good, even with new moves added its still easy to pick up and play. With L1 or R1 used for non lethal or lethal moves can just be pressed at a tap of the button when close. L3 can be pressed when you have the gun out to switch stanch which comes in very handy.

First of all the stealth bar works right this time as before when it said that you were hide, enemies still could see you with in a meter or 2. Gameplay is much more fun now that sam has a knife, he is more capable of fight where as before you had 2 hit enemies with you gun a few times to take them down. There's also more positions you can do silent kills from like from the front or behind plus when in water you can grab enemies and drown them. Necksnaps can also be done when hanging from pipes too. As well as all previously gadgets he has, there's some more, one of which you use most is a jamming gadget that is part of your pistol. This can be used to turn off anything electrical like lights, computers, cameras and many more. Also new is the save that can be done at anytime as before when killed you had to start at begging or a long away checkpoint. With lots more moves and actions to do chaos theory feels more like a real sequel unlike no2 that was manly like the first with not much more added.

Replay Value is much better than before now that you can choose equipment at each mission and there's a rating for each each mission too. there's no unlockables at all but with a improved online play and bigger maps there more fun to be had. For those that don't have online play can team up with a friend at home in co-op play, where there are short but loads of mission 2 do, which involves more co-op action movements like extra high climb, throughin over gaps, rope descending and much more.

Splinter Cell and stealth fans a must buy and others should try and see how great it is.


Graphics, One of the most stunning games around on any computer.

Sound/Music, Very good music and sound plus great voice acting.
Controls, Improved controls, can't go wrong.
Gameplay, Much better one player game, with more gadgets and new stealth kills.
Replay Value, More actions ad to replay value, co-ops great fun and a better online play too.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 03/05/05

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