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The Punisher

Memory Usage
3rd Person Action
363KB Minimum
March 2005

Let The Punishment Begin.

Review Date: 27/05/05

In the game you play as Frank Castle A.K.A The Punisher, Voice done by Thomas Jane doing the voice. Throughout the game you meet some marvel characters, good and bad like Blackwidow, Nick Fury, Ironman, bullseye and a few more.

The graphics are pretty good, with nice detail in the jungle and other areas. Its very brutal and gory kills, some that Volition had to cut with making the screen go black and white because of law.

Excellent voice acting form Thomas Jane who play the punisher in the film, music and sound is very good.

The controls are very easy to use, different buttons are used for firing the left or right gun when using dual weapons. The analogue sticks are used when integrating enemies. The only think they could of improve in controls is to have a button e.g, the left direction for you to put away the second pistol to give you more aim or though grenades.

The Punisher can integration with over 100 interactive spots in the environment, for get info out of enemies for, hidden weapons or to give you an advantage. To name a few special spots:electric chair, face smashing on a curb, blowtorch, angle grinder, piranha tank and much much more. You can unlock cheats, concepts arts and more plus buy upgrades like, better health, scope, silencer and others by having i high score at end of levels. To do this you need some big combos by not getting hit, every 5 kills gets you a multiplier and do lots of different moves like, shooting, quick kills, using special spots and taking a human shield helps a lot. To do quick kills when up close press square and this will perform a number of moves by using a few bullets or will knifes or hands to save on bullets. There's a slaughter mode that when you special bar is high you can though knife and do more brutal kills, plus when in this mode you take less damage, move faster and slowly gain health. There not much wrong with this game apart from some of the black and white kills, that lets down the gameplay only a little. There is a weapon select screen for most levels but you can not start with grenades which is a shame as not all levels have then on.

There is some good replay value in this game with gold medals only available on hard difficulty, upgrades to get and movies, concept art, cheats and more to unlock.

This is a great game to have in your game collection, those who like max payne and manhunt should enjoy the punisher the most as its a bit of a mix of both games.


Graphics, Good graphics, some nice detailed levels.

Sound/Music, Good graphics, some nice detailed levels.
Controls, Excellent controls and very easy to get into and use.
Gameplay, Great Guns, great levels, Lots of killing moves and its brutal and bloody.
Replay Value, Upgrades and unlockables too. Plus challenge and punishment modes to play.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 27/05/05

2 Desktop Wallpapers Available

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