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The Warriors

Memory Usage
Gang Action
95KB Minimum
October 2005

Warriors! Come Out And Pla-aaaaaay!!!

Review Date: 16/11/05

The Warriors game based on the film in New York 1979, where one of the main gang leader calls all others gangs to get them all to become one big gang group. Then one of the gangs shoots him and says that the warriors did it. From this point every gang is New york is after you. But don't let this scary you off as the game starts a few months before the film and by this point you'll be ready to take them out. About 80% is set before the film which makes it all new ideas and not just copying the film contents.

The Graphics are pretty good, the characters look just like the actors in the film ands all other characters has very good detail too. Any cuts and blood that you take fighting on the levels are also show in any cut-scene, which is cool and makes it feel more real.

There are some good music played though out the game, the sound is excellent from windows smashing, alarms, punches and weapons noises being used. The Voice acting is also excellent, not only they talk in the cut-scenes but also when playing the levels. Later on in the game when doing the stealth levels, the other gangs say stuff like they do in manhunt, like come out and fight you wimp.

The controls are very easy to use, basically there's square and x for light and heave attacks, that can you can do different combos by pressing in different orders. O for grab, Triangle for pick up and other actions. There's buttons for block and fast run. Counters can be made by pressing attack or block a second before they hit you. Pressing Square and X together will perform many special attack, like when standing, grabbing or when grabbing a opponent on the floor. Press L1 and R1 will use your rage bar up, which does extra damage and all specials or different when in rage mode. As well as the fighting controls there are also team orders which is when holding R2 opens up a menu that you choose the order with the right Analogue stick. Theses are orders like, follow me, hold, Wreck them all, scatter and a few more.

The gameplay is not just gang fighting but much more like tagging where you use a spray and follow a line in a shape of a W to do you tag. There's mini games thought that you can do like mugging (money for buying flash, sprays and blades), nicking car stereos(also for money), lock picking doors so that you can burgle shops. Picking handcuffs to free your mates. There are some stealth levels near the end of the game (although you can fight your way though it much tougher). There are running sections where you most get away from big gangs by jumping over building gaps, over fences and smacking through items. Each missions you use a different person from your gang of the warriors, Which all have different combos and specials, plus of course different strengths and weaknesses.

Replay Value is very high, there's lots of missions, mini games, there's also bonus missions ion the levels aswell as the walking around your own turf. (A lot of the bonus missions are fun to do), other mini games are chin ups, push ups, sit ups and punching bag which gives you more stamina. Some unlockables from bonus missions are brass knuckles, steel top cap shoes(both to do more damage), more life you get from using flash(a drug that heals you), there are over loads of people to unlock which you can play as in rumble mode. There's many modes includes 1-on-1, 6-on-6, 9-on-9, battle royal(which you have to through the other gang out off the ring, or should i say off the building to win), wheel chair racing and a few more all which you can unlock levels to play in. Flashback missions can be unlocked also which shows you how each member joined the warriors gang. Ones completed you also unlock armies Of The Night which is a game like the old streets of rage games, where you walk from left to right of the screen fight people and bosses. This mode, rumble and also the story mode can all be played in co-op play too. Finally the last thing is that all levels can be replayed to unlock any thing you missed or just want to play for fun over and over again.

==BUY OR NOT TO BUY==This is a excellent game to have in your collection, the story mode is not that long but if you do the bonus and side missions as you go it can last over 25 hours. You would have to think hard to find a bad point to this game, i would say it could of done with more moves and that i must also say this game is aged 18 as its very bloody and has a lot of swearing too.


Graphics, Great graphics, very good detail people that look like the real actors.

Sound/Music, Great all round, excellent voices, maybe could of done with more songs/tunes.
Controls, Very easy to use and not a button basher game that you may of though it was.
Gameplay, Very fun, lots of great missions,cool fighting moves, could of done with a few more though.
Replay Value, Unlockables, Side missions, mini games ,rumble mode and all in co-op mode too.
Final Rating:

Review Date: 16/11/05

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