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Tomb Raider Legend

Memory Usage
3rd Person Action Adventure
Crystal Dynamics
Eidos Interactive
155KB Minimum
April 2006

Let Lara Raid Your Tomb!!!

Review Date: 17/05/06

The first Tomb Raider game was released in 1996 on the PS1, from this the game had make many fans and grew with another 4 PS1 games released once a year and first one in 2003 for the PS2 which may of lost some of there fans.
Tomb Raider: Legend is the seventh game in the series. The publisher Eidos had dropped the previous developers Core Design after the very disappointing last game called Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness and is now instead handed over to a US studio named Crystal Dynamics.

The story first starts by looking back to where Lara was aged nine, the plane crash that she survived, had killed her mother in the Himalayan Mountains. Then brought up by her father Richard Croft until the death of him when Lara was eighteen. Now inherited the Croft mansion, she searches the world for loss artifacts and treasure. Here in TR: Legend she is looking for pieces of a sword, which you later find out is the Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur.

The graphics has been much improved over the series but even more so from the last TR game to this. From the off, the first level is as stunning as all of the others are. High up above the ground below, with the rocky and dusty area around up, plants and flowers growing in places with the small waterfall up ahead, gives you the feeling of peace and as if your in heaven.
Quiet area, that looks like there's not been a human set foot in this place. The detail of the rocks, water, plants and everything was so extraordinary and dazzling, I just had to stop and have a look around way all I had a mess around with the controls and learnt a few new moves of the very detailed realistically looking character of Lara Croft. Sexy: if you had to think of one character that would fit the word she would be the one.

The sounds of the game is pretty much dead on all the guns fire as if there were real, the rumbling of rolling rocks sounds real and the klunky rattling sounds of the rusty traps and machines tells you if there working, even when you can't see. Also with the music that plays with the boss battles, shoot outs with the enemies and also the calm and peaceful tunes that follow when adventuring around the cliffs and puzzles, all fits in with the atmosphere of the game to make it more enjoyable.

The final thing to add in this section is the voice acting which is played prefect by Keeley Hawes, who is an English actress that appeared in a BBC One drama series Spooks. Another 2 characters are at times annoying and say the same lists twice thought the game but this many not be down to the actors but many the script.

The control through the whole series has been basically the same and has been needing a long awaited redesign. Crystal Dynamics have been playing games and test the difference in controls and movement and found that the "Prince of Persia" games was the best suited to the way they wanted Lara to move. So base in it on that and fine tuning it for TR, Lara now can quickly move and turn on the spot and can jump directly as the button is press unlike before where you have to line up every jump perfectly or fall to your death. Now if a jump is not dead on she can angle herself and grab on to a ledge with one hand, while a triangle icon appears to indicate that you much press that button for her to grab a holed with both hands.

Swan dives are easier to perform and other moves. Triangle can also be used to do actions faster by which I mean if climbing a ladder or rope, pressing triangle will make her move faster. The d-pad is now used for media packs, light, scope and change weapon. Which leaves L1 to do an automatic lock on and R1 to fire and again triangle is used to shoot other objects like exploding barrels or other breakable things.

With the new controls the moves seem to just flow from your fingertips and makes a much better game because of it.

As Lara you get to adventure across different lands like icy mountains, rocky cliffs, cold snowy army bases, underwater caves that's has secret and hidden places full with traps ancient machines. You get to visit Peru, Japan, Africa, England and a few more around the world that not only offer you gorgeous scenery but also a fantastic place to adventure, climbing up high cliffs with the only equipment you have is Lara's cleverness and skill. Swing from ropes to bars in an almost ape state really shows what Lara can do with her capability along with her grabbling hook that can attach to other objects for you to swing off in a Indiana Jones type of way.

Not only you have a new control system but there's also new ways of taking out the enemy other than just shooting them. Along with the grappling hook can be used for puzzles you can also grab your enemies with it and pull them of the edge of the cliff or towards you. You can jump and roll to dodge the bullets when reload and even do a slide towards them and flip them up, other moves include is a close range kick and double jump that makes you flips off your opponent and shoot while your in midair. Many games that are adventure and puzzle orientated that also have shooting in it can be boring but with the new action moves you can perform makes facing the enemy quite fun.

There are a few levels where you get to use a rally bike which adds more fun and change of action from the adventuring. There are some bosses through out the game that are not that difficult to work out but some can still be hard, where you most of them you ether shoot them and dodge there attacks or use the surrounding area to your advantage.

The levels are reasonably big and can take from about 30mins to 2hours to complete each level first time, but as it seems as more and more of the newer games are short and have fewer levels. I'm quite disappoint to say there's only 8 levels thought the last one has only a boss on it. It should take within a week to completed but for those who like extra can be playing for an extra week or so as there not only hidden rewards to find on each level that unlocks character profiles, new costumes, cheats and other things but also the Croft mansion to explore with its own secret hidden rooms and treasures.

There's more replay value to be had with the 3 difficulty settings, easy, normal and hard plus time trails to completed that unlocks extra costumes which some are very nice and sexy like the ripped evening time dress that reminds me of "Mr and Mrs Smith" film. Levels can then be replayed from the main menu screen from which you can use any costume you want on that level.

This is not only the most gorgeous looking Tomb Raider game but also has excellent gameplay to it and should be bought by any fan though I find the ending disappointing as it did not finish the story off.



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Review Date: 17/05/06

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