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Memory Usage
FPS (First Person Shooter)
UBI Soft
UBI Soft
Yes, up to 6
89KB Minimum
November 2004
Review Date: 13/04/06

Unlucky Shot Of Amnesia!!!

The president of the United States, William Sheridan has just been assassinated in the same identical way that JFK got killed from up in a high window of a building with a sniper rifle. As the prime suspect hunted by cops, FBIs, CIA, and professional killers you must stay alive and try to prove your innocents, waking up on a beach with amnesia from where a bullet has left your head pounding, with the only clues are the number 13 tattooed on your collarbone and a safety-deposit key for a box in one of New York's banks. More clues from flashbacks and with help from old friends you must find the truth out and who really killed the president.

The graphics is done in Cell-Shading which is a type of non photo realistic to make it appear to be hand-drawn like in a style of a comic book or cartoon. This style of graphics is mostly used in RPGs (Role-Playing-Games) like Dark Chronicles, Legend of Zelda and other genre like Dragon's Lair, Auto Modellista, Killer 7 and Dragonball Z but its the first time ever they have done a FPS (First Person Shooter) in Cell-Shading. The this is with Cell-Shaded games they donít have the best amount of detail but have nice colorful graphics to them, which gives you the feeling its for the young kids but here itís more of a comic style shooter for the adults with its blood and the close pop up boxes along the top of the screen of your knife or bullet hitting the targets head as if it was in slow motion. Thereís also some nice explosions and words that appear with some sounds like you would see in the Batman comic style cartoons.

The music you will probably not notice it as it doesnít stand out like in many other games. The guns all have there only unique sound when firing and reloading as well as any bullets hitting metal objects thatís makes a pinging noise. The characters have no thing special about them when it comes to the voices, the only funny and cool thing is that a few soldiers through the game that are on patrol some times start singing which is quite amusing and strange. Thereís not much else to add in this section as itís rather standard but nothing that stands out as appalling.

The layout of the buttons is setup suitable but can be tricky and awkward which makes the camera/character movement feeling unsmooth and jerky that leads to inaccurate shots. When this is not a problem or you get use to it, the buttons is fine with R1 for fire and R2 for an alternative fire on some. Triangle will do a quick heal if thereís a med kit in your inventory and weapons can be easily changed with O and Square buttons for forward/previous which also brings up a picture icon along the button right of the screen to let you choose quickly and shows if thereís ammo in them. You also have a button for jump and crouch with L1/L2 which leaves X to reload and do any other actions.

The gameplay is a bit more interesting than other FPS or should I say different as it follows a good storyline with a big conspiracy behind it which takes you to levels like a beach, bank, factory, mountains, a prison, an army base, Grand Canyons and much more through 34 levels. Stealth can be used at some parts with weapons like throwing knifes and a crossbow plus 8 other objects like a chair, ashtrays or a broom that can be cracked on someoneís head.

People can be grabbed to be used as a human shield, as well as proper armor in the form of a bullet-proof vest and a helmet. Thereís some nice weapons like the standard 9mm pistol, then the 44 special which is a very powerful revolver, 2 shotguns, crossbow, harpoon, Uzi, assault rifle, sniper and a few more totaling up to 15 and 8 everyday objects. You all so can carry med kits, keys, lockpick and a grapping hook which lets you go up or down once attached to metal objects but there never many about if at all.

There are some missions where you are with a old friend or boss where you must defend them, also a neat thing is when you standing still or moving slow you can hear the other soldier footsteps which also shows with a tap, tap word that you can tell where they are even when behind walls.


Thereís not real reply value for the single player main game as thereís no unlocks or anything like that. But in multiplayer which is only for 1-2 with CPU, there are 14 maps not the best designed but are still fun. Modes included are the normal 3 that are deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag, plus power up which is a deathmatch but you must collect the boxes that randomly give you a weapon or armor plus thereís special power up ones that will give you things like super armor, regeneration, invisibility and much more. The final last mode is the hunt, an very original and excellent new mode I have enjoying on any multiplayer, where you must chase around after this target and shoot it, getting more points for higher damage. What I havenít said that this person is like death it self, he is more of a child version of him, heís smaller and as he runs he sings a song which is funny and weirdly interesting. As he is death, if he touches you, you will die and can be friting at times when he turns around a corner or does a 180 turn. Which you must quickly move out of the way. Thereís also online feature but no one uses it anymore.

If you are a big fan of cell-shaded games then you should be able to get it cheap second hand or even new, if not a fan but you like FPS give it a try but possibly rent it.



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Review Date: 13/04/06

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